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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Dan Rather

LAO_Rather&Kareem.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears weekly at LA Observed.

Downtown upended and Millepied finds a home at the Wallis

persona_17pr.jpg The LA Phil's Noon to Midnight festival brought a new crowd to classical music in LA. More from Donna Perlmutter.

Season of the witch

Franken-at-the-stake.jpg.jpeg in which Joel Bellman argues that it's not witches, but the witch-hunters, that we should really fear these days.

Foothill Gold Line groundbreaking

LAO_FoothillGoldlineExtension.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Holiday lights

LAT front2 12-8-17 - Copy.JPG The print edition of the Los Angeles Times often bears advertising stickers on the front page. Today's was particularly newsworthy.

War of the Worlds

LAO_WarOfTheWorlds-.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs each week at LA Observed.
detail_balance-ed-fuentes.jpg One venue for the muralist and educator is simply not enough, so here are some others.

Shadows on Cielo Drive

cielo-drive-sachs.jpg Stephen Sachs: Manson is gone, but the memories from that hot August summer a near half-century ago never quite fade out.

Disney Hall

LAO_LA_Phil.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Passing the years in Mar Vista

mar-vista-joggers-molly.jpg Molly Selvin: I've now lived here 34 years, not counting the ten years in my parents' house just blocks away or the three years my husband and I left for various adventures.

Chris Matthews

LAO_ChrisMatthews.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed..

'This Land' is whose land?

CUmana_JMcKay_NCalame_JTorres_IAlda_RAzurdia_LTomlinson-(1).jpg Neighborhoods change. Change often causes conflict. Conflict is usually an important ingredient of drama.

Election Night downtown

LAO_2016ElectionNight.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Trump National Golf Club

LAO_WhiteNationalist.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Carmen joins Pearl Fishers as LA's orchestras soar

mirga-laphil.jpg In case you thought that we, in headline-exploding Hollywood, suffer a paucity of music performances, think again.

Is half the world enough?

LAO sex harassment 10-17.jpg Ellen Alperstein: We've had the sexual harassment conversation before. This one is louder, but is it different?

Vicente Fox and Mayor Garcetti

LAO_Fox&Garcettipsd.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Donald Trump and the extermination of memory

luxor.jpg Trump seems to be pursuing his own personal damnatio memoriae against the nation's first black president out of pure spite.

'Human Flow' is beautiful and devastating to watch

Human-Flow_Dadaab-Camp_Kenya.jpg Ai Weiwei, the Chinese dissident and artist, has added his very personal perspective on the global refugee crisis.

Why we never see a movie where the dog dies

THE-STRAY_movie-card.jpg The review on "The Stray" seemed to go out of its way to make it clear that that the dog doesn't die in this one. Sigh.

Exene Cervenka at City Hall

LAO_ExeneCityHall.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs each week at LA Observed.

Symphony for auto

auto-symphony-main.jpg "A [ For 100 Cars]," a symphony based around A440, the standard tuning note of the Western world, played through the sound systems of 100 automobiles parked on a downtown roof.

A salute to Anacleto Rapping, photographer

DBarrymoreOscars-anacleto.jpg Rapping, a former photojournalist at the Los Angeles Times and teacher at Brooks Institute, died in September.

Plays prescient and not so prescient

buchenwald-46.jpg In two remarkable new plays, same-sex Angeleno couples are traveling with their parents or other older relatives. Bigger topics become involved.

Moon Festival

LAO_MoonFestival.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

David Ryu and candidate Mike Fong

LAO_MikeFongElectionEve.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears weekly at LA Observed.

Volleying with Rosie Casals

Rosie Casals2 9-29-17 - Copy.JPG Former tennis pro Rosie Casals opines about "Battle of the Sexes" and about what it was -- and is -- like for female athletes.

Lloyd Hamrol

LAO_LloydHamrol.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs each week at LA Observed.

Look inland for more PST:LA/LA art

Hector-Hernandez,-Bulca,-2015.-Courtesy-of-the-artist.jpg Here are some Inland Empire exhibitions featured in the massive showcase of Latino and Chicano artists now on view across Southern California.

Bourne again: 'The Red Shoes'

1_THE_RED_SHOES_Photo_by_Johan_Persson.jpg It was just a matter of time. When would Matthew Bourne attempt to cross Niagara on a wire?

Shepard Fairey

LAO_Shepard-Fairey.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears weekly at LA Observed.

Visualizing Language

LAO_LAPL_OaxacaLA_Intallationl.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears each week at LA Observed.

Why the LA Times' new theater column needs a new name

daca-mented.jpg I'm glad the Times has returned to its long tradition of including theater coverage every Friday, but the new column would benefit from a clarification of how it operates.
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Streetscape: East LA
la-luz-del-mundo.jpg Iglesia La Luz del Mundo, East 1st Street.
Sign from LA's past
loves-bbq-valley-relics.jpg Sign from an old Love's BBQ restaurant at the Valley Relics Museum in Chatsworth.
Visiting her old ballet costumes
melissa-barak-cost-iris.jpg Melissa Barak at LACMA Chagall exhibit with the artist's memorable designs.
Engine Co. 17
engine-co-17-side.jpg Inside the long-closed Arts District fire station on Santa Fe Avenue.
Wilshire Grand Center lobby
wilshire-grand-lobby-wall.jpg Visitors check out the wall-mounted sculpture by artist Do Ho Suh.
Barnsdall Park
barnsdall-park-trees.jpg Under the trees.
Inside Hollyhock House
hollyhock-columns.jpgPhoto taking was allowed for one weekend. So we did.
Streetscape: Lincoln Heights
el-milagro-market.jpgProductos Mexicanos at El Milagro Market on Avenue 18.
June 6, 1968
rfk-hearse-wide-lapl.jpgThe body of Robert F. Kennedy leaves Good Samaritan hospital. More pics
Streetscape: DTLA
spring-street-bike-lane.jpgSpring Street bike lane.
Palm weeds of Santa Susana
santa-susana-palm-weeds.jpgOak trees, sandstone ridges and fan palms? Ugh. More
Streetscape: West LA
405-at-smblvd.jpg405 North at Santa Monica Boulevard.
Hills turning brown
grman1.jpgThe hills above Gorman.
Arcana Books
arcana-books.jpgIn the Helms Bakery complex in Culver City.
Streetscape: Melvil Street
melvil-street.jpgWall on Industry Cafe and Jazz in Culver City. Bigger
No casting (or emial)
not-casting-spnb.jpgFormer Security-First bank on Wilshire near LaBrea.
ciclavia-mar-vista.jpgCicLAvia at Venice and Centinela in Mar Vista.
Still life
bike-slipper-vdt.jpgSpotted in Solstice Canyon. Must be a story there.
Streetscape: Myers St.
tracks-boyle-heights.jpgRailroad siding beside the river in Boyle Heights, looking downstream toward the 4th Street bridge. Bigger.
Streetscape: West 2nd St.
broad-line-sunday.jpg A weekend line outside the Broad Contemporary Art Museum.
Chinatown queue
hwlngraslne.jpgThe line on a Sunday at Far East Plaza for Howling Ray's chicken.
First raptor of 2017
malibu-raptor-vdk.jpgVeronique de Turenne at her Here in Malibu blog.