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Artist Sandy Bleifer

lao_the-end-begins.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Joshua Tree in bloom

southern Joshua Tree 11 exhibit sign 3-17 - Copy.JPG The southern part of Joshua Tree National Park is awash in color.

Heather guides us through Mister Ritchie's Neighborhood

RLA350.jpg CTG's "Remote L.A." is not a traditional city tour. But it does go outside.

Orchestras play musical chairs... and more

deborah-borda.jpg Deborah Borda heading back to to New York is big but not the only move being talked about.

Overheard at the BNP Paribas Open tournament in Indian Wells

BNP flowers 3 3-17 - Copy.JPG Things we heard from players and fans at the tennis tournament.

Erwin Chemerinsky

LAO_ErwinChimerinsky.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

The greening of tennis

BNP flowers Spago succulent wall - Copy.JPG Plant managers for the BNP Paribas Open at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden ensure that the venue is appropriately accessorized with flowers.

Garcetti reelection party

LAO_Garcetti_reelected.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears weekly at LA Observed.

First-stringers in tennis

bnp racket string2 3-16 - Copy.JPG Stringing rackets for the pros at a major tennis tournament is not a job for the weak, the slow or the inexperienced.

Many, many words for female genitalia

slang-words-neon-rhoades.jpg Neon tubes spell out 240 slang terms in the Jason Rhoades exhibition at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel in the downtown Arts District.

Desert flowers and fancy at Anza-Borrego

Mine Wash track2 raven 3-17 - Copy.JPG What's not to like about encountering more surprises than flowers while wandering around the desert in Anza-Borrego?

Adam Schiff

LAO_AdamSchiff.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

A maniac loose in the house

angry-trump.jpg Joel Bellman argues that Donald Trump is "emotionally unstable and dangerously unfit to hold the most powerful elected office in the world."

Immigrant rally

LAO_ImmigrantRally.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Mozart opera closes the gap and Schnittke sounds an alarm

seraglio-robinson-park.jpg if you were lucky enough to hear Schnittke's "Not a Summer Night's Dream" from the LA Philharmonic, led dazzlingly by Gustavo Dudamel, it had to grab you.

The Black Cat

lao_theblackcat.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

'Antiques Roadshow' drives into the desert*

AR baseball hi res - Copy.JPG 'Antiques Roadshow' revisits Palm Springs, where nine years ago a record was set for the most treasures valued at six figures.

Only in LA column: Valentine's Daze

lane-sh.jpg Steve Harvey's column for Valentine's Day.

State Senator Kevin de Leon

LAO_Kevin_de_Leon-(1).jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Women's march

Gary-Womens-march.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

All the street's a stage and sack lunch 'fellowship'

fellowship-biery.jpg January 21 was a great day for immersive theater in Los Angeles.

Women's march

LAO_Women'sMarch.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard is a weekly feature of LA Observed.

Photos from the women's march in Los Angeles

march-iris1.jpg Images by Iris Schneider of the march Saturday in downtown Los Angeles.

Pink hats for marches started in Atwater Village

pink-hats-knittery.jpg The Pussyhat Project was born at The Little Knittery, where women have been knitting pink hats for Saturday.


LAO_4Artists@BroadStage.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.
Ring-Lardner-320.jpg Rapoport and David Davis discuss the first book that collects Lardner's daily journalism.

Back home in a more suspicious Mar Vista

mar-vista-stanwood-jg.jpg Sometimes the cable guy is really the cable guy. Sometimes the guy with dogs who lives in his RV is just homeless.

LA's football follies

rams-unis-gold.jpg The Chargers move to LA on the same day that the Rams hire the youngest head coach in NFL history. Meh.

The End Begins

LAO_AtomBomb.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Lois Boardman's jewelry collection finds a home

lois-boardman-dogs.jpg LACMA exhibit provides a window into the life and personality of the octogenarian South Pasadena collector.

LADWP headquarters

TMPGL_GarcettiatDWP.jpg Mayor Garcetti event outside the DWP.

Wilshire Grand spire

TMPGL-atop-the-spire.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs each week at LA Observed.

Malibu beach hijinx, take 256

free-zuma-phone.jpg The public has property rights, too - and we're tired of being forced to use our state taxes to fight decades-long battles for public access that has been long established.
New at LA Observed

Streetscape: Myers St.
tracks-boyle-heights.jpgRailroad siding beside the river in Boyle Heights, looking downstream toward the 4th Street bridge. Bigger.
Streetscape: West 2nd St.
broad-line-sunday.jpg A weekend line outside the Broad Contemporary Art Museum.
Chinatown queue
hwlngraslne.jpgThe line on a Sunday at Far East Plaza for Howling Ray's chicken.
First raptor of 2017
malibu-raptor-vdk.jpgVeronique de Turenne at her Here in Malibu blog.
First day of 2017
mt-wilson-cam1117.jpgMt. Wilson cam. Always on, sometimes dark.
Melrose Streetscape
melrose-church.jpgUkrainian Orthodox Church of St Vladimir, Melrose Avenue.
Merry LA Christmas
xmas-mtn-view-jg.jpgA home in Mar Vista really gets into the lawn decorations. Photo by Judy Graeme.
Yule season on piñata row
pinata-xmas.jpgBusy time in the downtown piñata district.
Media streetscape
bzzfeed-clsed.jpgBuzzFeed offices on Beverly Boulevard.
Art Friday
del-toro-lacma-friday.jpgThe day after Thanksgiving was jumping at LACMA.
Oldest remaining McDonald's
mcdonalds-downey.jpgLakewood Boulevard in Downey.
heads-olvera-street.jpgOlvera Street store display.
Spiders at NHMLA
nhm-spider-banner.jpgSpider exhibit at the Natural History Museum.
mirandas-whittierblvd-ela.jpgWhittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles.
Hennessey + Ingalls
henessey-ingalls-dtla.jpgNow Downtown in the Arts District.
artsdst-tpe-streetscape.jpgColyton Street in the Arts District.
Palm weed
palm-weed-boyle-heights.jpgAnother beautiful LA palm tree, this one in Boyle Heights.
Code 7 in Sherman Oaks
Cde7-shermanaks.jpgHow about a little LA crime history with your meal. Backstory
dtla-streetscene.jpgCrossing 7th Street at Broadway on a Saturday.
Neon treasures of LA
mna-derb.jpgThe Museum of Neon Art is thriving in Glendale and that's OK.
la-river-islands-vernon.jpgThe Los Angeles River looking upstream from East 26th Street in the city of Vernon.
Behind the Orpheum
back-of-orpheum-up.jpgThe view from Spring Street in downtown LA.