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Honoring journalists, dishonoring journalism

fallaci-plaque-jb.jpg If City Hall wants to honor Rick Orlov, how about observing the Brown Act and the California Public Records Act -- and passing a sunshine law.

'Candide' in Long Beach, LA Dance Project at the Wallis

candide-lbo.jpg If you didn't get to see the latest 'Candide' you missed something good.

Taking in Locol, Roy Choi's new Watts restaurant

locol-choi-poses-iris.jpg The mood one day at lunch was jubilant. The celebrity chef was exhausted but happy.

'Which Way, LA?' wrap party

LAO_WarrenOlney.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs on Thursdays at LA Observed.

An Angelena adopts Palo Alto but misses home

palo-alto-apple-store.jpg Molly Selvin didn't realize how much she would miss the crazy salad of Los Angeles.

Last ride

LAO_PaulGreenstein_6thStreetBridge copy.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs Thursdays at LA Observed.

Ol' Man Atmospheric River is flowing again

atmos-river-jan2016.jpg A good old-fashioned Pineapple Express is headed for Northern and Central California this week. Later we should get ours.

Down on the Silver Lake lakebed (gallery) *

silver-lake-bed-stick-iris.jpg Photographer Iris Schneider went down onto the dry bed of Silver Lake to have a look around.

Banana dresses

delrio-dresses-western-costume.jpg Western Costume Company, North Hollywood. Photo by Judy Graeme....

Sheldon Epps era ending in Pasadena theater

playon-ppa.jpg Epps broke a racial barrier at the Pasadena Playhouse. His tenure will be remembered for much more.

Death Valley or Spring's Meadows?

P31300631.JPG How does a place that gets about 2 inches of rain per year support such a display of wildflowers? The answer is geology.

Loco'l Grand Opening

LAO_RoyChoi.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Bruce Lisker gets $7.6 million settlement from the city

bruce-lisker-cat.jpg Six years after his exoneration and release from prison, Lisker accepts a deal to end his civil suit against the LAPD and city of Los Angeles.

Polar Bear swim

LAO_Trutanich&sonNick.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Rams back in LA: NFL makes the right decision

rams-grafic-nfl.jpg Phil Wallace praises the bold stadium vision from Stan Kroenke, as well as his deep pockets.

Documentary on LA's cardboard street artist

cardboard-giraffes.jpg New video looks at Calder Greenwood, whose papier-mâché sculptures popped up around downtown and the Los Angeles River in 2012.

Talking hats with 'Trumbo' costume designer

orlandi-hats-iris.jpg Veteran designer Daniel Orlandi created all the hats worn by Helen Mirren as Hedda Hopper, the notorious LA Times gossip columnist.

The right goodbye

Richard Riordan's party for former LA Times journalists was the kind of celebration of talent the paper should have had.

Echo Park graffiti

LAO_EchoPark_Graffiti.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

El Niño exposes LA's aquatic conundrum

20160105_00_gfs.jpg What makes a city resilient in one era many not serve it well at all in another.

Dear Chargers: If you move to LA, please change your name

carson-stadium-render1.jpg Here are some suggestions for a fresh start in LA.

Bel-Air Camera closing

LAO_BelAirCam.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Mystery of the vacant houses

vacated-nb.jpg Two long-vacant homes are just a few doors away from us. Another a few blocks away appears to be in the same lonely state.
New at LA Observed
Death Valley gets all flowery
death-valley-flowers-grace.jpgGrace Peng's daughter wonders, is it Death Valley or Spring's Meadows? Native Intelligence
iglesia-aposento-alto-sv.jpgIglesia Aposento Alto. Cantara Street in Sun Valley.
port-berth60-325.jpgPort of Los Angeles.
LA's ghost streets
la-ghost-streets.jpgWriter Geoff Manaugh observes the shapes of blocks, yards and homes that reveal the existence of old streets. More
Down by the river
la-river-egyptiangeese-sklar.jpgEgyptian geese in the Los Angeles River channel near the 6th Street Viaduct. Photo: Anna Sklar.
Gone but not forgotten
garment-and-citizen-sign.jpgA presence of the late downtown newspaper the Garment & Citizen remains on a Spring Street wall.
Colors of the season
farmers-market-vegs-vdt.jpgThe day before Thanksgiving. Veronique de Turenne
PCH blue
pch-north-vdt.jpg Not a bad commute. Veronique de Turenne
Griffith Observatory in the '30s
griffith-observatory-30s-bentley.jpgDon Bentley submitted this family snapshot. Not much growth on those hills.
Spring Street streetscape
food-for-dogs.jpgFirst Whole Foods arrives downtown. Now health food for dogs.
Rain Room
rain-room-iris.jpgMuch-anticipated installation at LACMA requires timed tickets. A peek inside.
Lines of miscommunication
now:under:no.jpgOnly in LA: Steve Harvey's latest column.
mannequin-heads-jg.jpgLast chances on La Brea Avenue. Photo by Judy Graeme. See bigger
Future of Cities
foc-cocktails.jpgAbout 500 people turned out for new group's first LA leadership summit.
Fishing the pier
sm-pier-fishing.jpgSanta Monica Pier.
Chuck Berry and the Stones
rollingstones-hagg.jpgOne rocking Saturday night in the KHJ-TV studios in 1965. Video and backstory
Dorothea Lange's LA photos
dorothea-lange-la-mexican-quarter.jpgDowntown's "Mexican quarter" in 1936. Images
Father and daughter
garcetti-with-maya.jpgMayor Eric Garcetti and his daughter, Maya, at Gary Leonard's gallery.
Republicans for Voldemort
republicans-voldemort-vdt.jpgSpotted near the Malibu civic center. Veronique de Turenne
Visiting mom at Clifton's
cliftons-workers-rr.jpg Visiting mom's ashes, that is.
Neutra and Schindler
neutra-schindler-ucsb.jpgPlay imagines what happened after the estranged architects were reunited in a 1953 hospital room. Karen Wada
'Good morning, people!'
grace-slick-woodstock-dark.jpgGrace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane at Woodstock. Turn it up.