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Lynsey Addario: 'I never feel like I'm doing enough'

lynsey-addario-tom-stoddart-iris.jpg The news photographer has covered Afghanistan, Iraq, Republic of the Congo and the Middle East and was held hostage in Libya.

Refugee images now at the Annenberg Space

father-daughter-reach-lesbos-stoddart.jpg A sweeping show of photography and programming focused on the global refugee crisis has opened in Century City.

'Louder Than Bombs' and the toll on a war photographer

Devin-druid-Gabriel-Byrne-louderthanbombs.jpg The first English-language film from Norwegian director Joachim Trier takes a sober look at Isabelle Reed.

'Outlander' a great fit for TV writer Anne Kenney

sam-heughan-anne-kenney-out.jpg Kenney has been around since "L.A. Law" but the Starz show "Outlander" has changed her life.

Rick's Monday's 1976 rescued flag

LAO_RickMondayFlag.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Los Burritos

LAO_LosBurritos copy.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Back to 'Eden' and cross-dressing in the 'Cloud'

children-of-eden-shirley.jpg Remarkable "Children of Eden" comes through to help save Thousand Oaks' Cabrillo Music Theatre. Plus more local theater.

Menswear gets the spotlight at new LACMA exhibit

lacma-fashion-curators.jpg The museum's curators have waited a long time to tell the story of men's fashions through the years.

April means the return of French films

call-my-agent-colcoa.jpg The 20th COLCOA Festival opens April 18 at the Directors Guild theater.

Elysian Park Avenue name change

LAO_Vin Scully Av.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Moody desert

a.m. Blueridge Court 4-8-16.jpg It's damp, it's gray, it's oh-so-welcome weather in the preternaturally sunny desert.

All that Hollywood jazz

Don-Cheadle-in-Miles-Ahead.jpg Hollywood loves brilliant, tormented artists, like Chet Baker and Miles Davis, but can't resist embellishing.

Equal status for women has been a long, long fight

status-of-women-report.jpg We assumed the progress would just continue and all would be well with the world. Oh such naiveté.

Blessing of the animals

LAO_BlessingOfTheAnimals2.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Inside the eye of the Outlander storm

claire-jamie-grab.jpg Writers Bloc invited the stars of "Outlander" for a panel in Beverly Hills and insanity ensued.

Headworks Underground Reservoir Project

LAO_Drip copy.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs on Thursdays.

For John Simmons, it all started in the '60s

simmons-Alijendro Santiago (Oaa=xaca MX. 2014).jpg Cinematographer John Simmons first turned his eye on the black community in Chicago. His exhibit is in Koreatown until April 10.

Shaolin Festival

LAO_ShaolinFestival.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Mapplethorpe was many things, but not a voyeur

robtmapp-lacma-self.jpg Unprecedented dual exhibits of Robert Mapplethorpe's photography are now at the Getty and LACMA.

4 suggestions for the new LA Rams

rams-unis-gold.jpg Phil Wallace says the Rams should appear on HBO's "Hard Knocks," among other ideas to help reintroduce their brand to Los Angeles.

City of irreconcilable dreams

dream-cities-cover-320.jpg A new history of urban ideas offers a cautionary tale about the dreams that have shaped LA and the big new ideas we hope might shape the city of the future.

Wilshire Grand topping out

LAO_WG_topppingout copy.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears every Thursday at LA Observed.

Hummers hatch

mom and baby hummers3 3-12-16 - Copy.JPG The avian neonatal unit is full.
New at LA Observed
Homework table
verve-homework-table.jpgThe communal table at Verve Coffee Roasters on Spring Street is always packed.
Death Valley gets all flowery
death-valley-flowers-grace.jpgGrace Peng's daughter wonders, is it Death Valley or Spring's Meadows? Native Intelligence
iglesia-aposento-alto-sv.jpgIglesia Aposento Alto. Cantara Street in Sun Valley.
port-berth60-325.jpgPort of Los Angeles.
LA's ghost streets
la-ghost-streets.jpgWriter Geoff Manaugh observes the shapes of blocks, yards and homes that reveal the existence of old streets. More
Down by the river
la-river-egyptiangeese-sklar.jpgEgyptian geese in the Los Angeles River channel near the 6th Street Viaduct. Photo: Anna Sklar.
Gone but not forgotten
garment-and-citizen-sign.jpgA presence of the late downtown newspaper the Garment & Citizen remains on a Spring Street wall.
Colors of the season
farmers-market-vegs-vdt.jpgThe day before Thanksgiving. Veronique de Turenne
PCH blue
pch-north-vdt.jpg Not a bad commute. Veronique de Turenne
Griffith Observatory in the '30s
griffith-observatory-30s-bentley.jpgDon Bentley submitted this family snapshot. Not much growth on those hills.
Spring Street streetscape
food-for-dogs.jpgFirst Whole Foods arrives downtown. Now health food for dogs.
Rain Room
rain-room-iris.jpgMuch-anticipated installation at LACMA requires timed tickets. A peek inside.
Lines of miscommunication
now:under:no.jpgOnly in LA: Steve Harvey's latest column.
mannequin-heads-jg.jpgLast chances on La Brea Avenue. Photo by Judy Graeme. See bigger
Future of Cities
foc-cocktails.jpgAbout 500 people turned out for new group's first LA leadership summit.
Fishing the pier
sm-pier-fishing.jpgSanta Monica Pier.
Chuck Berry and the Stones
rollingstones-hagg.jpgOne rocking Saturday night in the KHJ-TV studios in 1965. Video and backstory
Dorothea Lange's LA photos
dorothea-lange-la-mexican-quarter.jpgDowntown's "Mexican quarter" in 1936. Images
Father and daughter
garcetti-with-maya.jpgMayor Eric Garcetti and his daughter, Maya, at Gary Leonard's gallery.
Republicans for Voldemort
republicans-voldemort-vdt.jpgSpotted near the Malibu civic center. Veronique de Turenne
Visiting mom at Clifton's
cliftons-workers-rr.jpg Visiting mom's ashes, that is.
Neutra and Schindler
neutra-schindler-ucsb.jpgPlay imagines what happened after the estranged architects were reunited in a 1953 hospital room. Karen Wada