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Nick Ut and Kim Phuc

LAO_NickUt.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Flower District cat

flower-district-cat-800-jg.jpg 8th Street and Wall in the Flower District.

Only in LA road trip

haha-600.jpg In search of the world's strangest town names for English-speaking folks.

Lady Gaga at vigil

LAO_OrlandoVigil_LadyGaGa.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Gustavo and Plácido trade, Carrie Dennis astonishes

carrie-dennis-640.jpg It was only a matter of time. Inevitably, Gustavo Dudamel would cross the street from Disney Hall to the Music Center and oblige Plácido Domingo at his domain.

Looff Hippodrome

LAO_SM-Looff_Hippodrome.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Soul Train dancers reunion at LACMA

soul-train-iris2.jpg Especially on a day like today, we need to be reminded of the joy in the world.

Who will CTG invite to its 'Block Party'?

kirk-douglas-theatre-ext.jpg Kudos to CTG for lending a helpful hand to smaller theaters and reviving selected local productions next spring at the Kirk Douglas Theatre.

Lewis MacAdams

LAO_LewisMacAdams_CityCouncil.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Princess Shaw is having her media moment

princess-shaw-samantha.jpg Visiting Los Angeles to promote the documentary "Presenting Princess Shaw," YouTube sensation Samantha Montgomery's joy is infectious.

But it's a dry heat

dogshoes320.jpg Sure, it's toasty in Van Nuys. But it's so hot in the Coachella Valley the dogs wear shoes.

Canoga Park Memorial Day parade

LAO_Memorial_Day_Parade copy.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Big Lots!

LAO_ET_BigLogs copy.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Extra pickles with this movie, please*

Sheldon-Cohen-320.jpg A writer/producer serves up some film promotion and a side of fries.

Paul Greenstein and Harpo

LAO_Greenstein_CA_sign.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Only in LA: Our Cold Property edition

renthouse.jpg Welcome to the tour, where you'll get the real dirt on housing in this region.

'Elektra' goes global and Ezralow comes home to LA

ezralow-dance.jpg Donna Perlmutter sees some opera and Daniel Ezralow's latest at the Wallis.

It almost happened here: Remember the LaRouchies?

VoteLaRouche.jpg Here's how America's previous brush with an attempted proto-fascist party takeover concluded.

Playing 'the woman's card' in the world of LA plays

7WLAS349.jpg Don Shirley surveys the state of women on the local stage and offers some recommendations.

Prince memorial

LAO_Prince_memorial.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Miss you, Mom

Pearl and Ellen 1976 copy.jpg This year, I won't be able to wish my mother a happy Mother's Day.
boomcoverlao325.jpg California needs a major software update. Can we bug-fix our way to the future? Or do we need to throw out the hairball of code we've inherited from the past and start over?

Orthopaedic Institute for Children

LAO_orthopaedic_girl.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs on Thursdays at LA Observed. Click on the photo to enlarge.
New at LA Observed
Graduation photo day
csula-grads-lacma.jpgCal State LA graduates pose at Urban Light.
ET-94 comes home
fuel-tank-land-gl.jpgET-94 arrives in LA and Gary Leonard was there.
i-give-a-fck-santafe.jpgSanta Fe Avenue, downtown Arts District.
Face painting
face-painting-cookie.jpgA Sunday afternoon in the downtown piñata district. Bigger
Rooftop pool
eastern-columbia-pool.jpgDowntown's Eastern Columbia building.
Images of the refugees
father-daughter-reach-lesbos-stoddart.jpgA father celebrates his family's safe landing in Lesbos, Greece.
Mellow DTLA Sunday
hauser-wirth-courtyard.jpgLate afternoon in the courtyard at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel.
Vin Scully's 67th opening day
vin-scully-opener-2016-ocampo.jpgNo words needed.
Outlander hits Beverly Hills
outlander-fans-jg.jpgInside the eye of the storm with Jamie and Claire.
Homework table
verve-homework-table.jpgThe communal table at Verve Coffee Roasters on Spring Street is always packed.
Death Valley gets all flowery
death-valley-flowers-grace.jpgGrace Peng's daughter wonders, is it Death Valley or Spring's Meadows? Native Intelligence
iglesia-aposento-alto-sv.jpgIglesia Aposento Alto. Cantara Street in Sun Valley.
port-berth60-325.jpgPort of Los Angeles.
LA's ghost streets
la-ghost-streets.jpgWriter Geoff Manaugh observes the shapes of blocks, yards and homes that reveal the existence of old streets. More
Down by the river
la-river-egyptiangeese-sklar.jpgEgyptian geese in the Los Angeles River channel near the 6th Street Viaduct. Photo: Anna Sklar.
Gone but not forgotten
garment-and-citizen-sign.jpgA presence of the late downtown newspaper the Garment & Citizen remains on a Spring Street wall.
Colors of the season
farmers-market-vegs-vdt.jpgThe day before Thanksgiving. Veronique de Turenne
PCH blue
pch-north-vdt.jpg Not a bad commute. Veronique de Turenne
Griffith Observatory in the '30s
griffith-observatory-30s-bentley.jpgDon Bentley submitted this family snapshot. Not much growth on those hills.
Spring Street streetscape
food-for-dogs.jpgFirst Whole Foods arrives downtown. Now health food for dogs.
Rain Room
rain-room-iris.jpgMuch-anticipated installation at LACMA requires timed tickets. A peek inside.
Lines of miscommunication
now:under:no.jpgOnly in LA: Steve Harvey's latest column.