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Observations on Los Angeles and beyond by LA Observed authors and occasional guests

On famous actors and 99-seat theater

blythe-danner-country-house-lamont.jpg I don't understand why Blythe Danner's words were chosen to receive the spotlight in a full-page LA Times ad about Actors' Equity and minimum wage.

Carlos Guitarlos

LAO_Carlos copy.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Farm fresh wind

Vestas, 1 of 2 in Windmill Tours 37 3-17-15 - Copy.JPG How Coachella Valley's wind farms flip nature's switch. A side trip into eco-technology.

Bruce Lisker gets good news from U.S. 9th Circuit

lisker-juryduty1.jpg A three-judge appeals panel wastes no time in siding with Lisker on a key legal point in his lawsuit against two LAPD detectives.

Prayer vigil for 'Africa'

LAO_Vigil_Africa copy.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard is a regular Thursday feature of LA Observed.

Ventilating radioactive ideas at the Aquarium of the Pacific

schubel300.jpg "When ideas are seen as dangerous, some people think the best thing to do is to kill them," Jerry Schubel, president of the Aquarium of the Pacific, recently told a group of reporters. "We want to keep them in play."

Encino Little League

LAO_Encino_LittleLeague.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears weekly at LA Observed.

Josef Koudelka exhibit at the Getty

koudelka-gypsies.jpg Koudelka brought us into the Soviet invasion on the streets of Prague in 1968 by smuggling out his film. In a gripping show of his black and white images, we are thrown back into those days.

Author interview: Mort Zachter on Gil Hodges

gil-hodges-cover.jpg Zachter follows up 'Dough' with a biography of the Dodgers' 'Boy of Summer' -- 'a mensch who is unknown to most people under forty.'

Looking beyond the minimum-wage mess in LA theater*

End of the Rainbow_1NC copy.jpg LA's theatrical landscape would still offer plenty of options for dedicated theatergoers, even without Equity's 99-seat plan.

Sunday arts: Chamber music at Doheny Mansion

dacamera-doheny-iris.jpg The Da Camera Society's mission is to promote and enhance chamber music. Doheny Mansion "is the perfect setting to play this music."

'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Ghosts of Versailles' plus more

alice-dp-mathew-imaging.jpg The LA Philharmonic and LA Opera are going head to head with major contemporary works at the same time.

The end of our outside in lifestyle

crestwood hills.jpg Will we look back on late 20th century LA--often thought of as the worst of times with the city's sprawling conquest of nature--as paradoxically the best of times when a style of architecture briefly prevailed that invited the outside in, and the inside out?

Making music from natural resources

salon 2 Sound Investment, STeinway Gallery4 3-5-15 - Copy.JPG Take one chamber orchestra with innovative composer, add dollops of noise to melody, mix well and serve to the patrons who subsidized it.

Miss LA Chinatown court

LAO_chinese_new_year.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard is a weekly feature of LA Observed.

Alex Johnson, 1942-2015

alex-johnson-cover-si.jpg Johnson won the batting title with the Angels in 1970, but baseball did not know how to handle his mental illness.

Ride & Prejudice

compton-cowboy.jpg A new film is raising funds on Kickstarter to document the story of the Compton Cowboys, black cowboys who have been a South LA tradition since the 19th Century.

Only in LA: The lawn order edition

viagra-sh.jpg Steve Harvey's signs from all over. Check it out.

A portrait of the ecologist as an old misanthrope

12monkeys300.jpg It's still shocking to see that for some environmentalists, a love of other living beings goes hand in hand with a hatred for their fellow human beings.

How to fix the Lakers

With the Lakers winding down a lost season, Phil Wallace offers five ways that the team can get back on track.

6th Street Viaduct replacement groundbreaking

LAO_6th viaduct.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed. Click on the photo to view bigger. Gary's archive....

Oil drilling in Hermosa Beach: déjà vu all over again?

playadelrey.jpg Hermosa Beach residents have 10 more days to contemplate the future of their beach town and the Santa Monica Bay. Whatever they decide it may feel like déjà vu all over again. The question is which version of the past do they want to see come back?
pensotti-shirley.jpg Shirley also reviews "Cineastas," which closes Saturday at REDCAT downtown.
New at LA Observed
Look up
lookup-6th+flower.jpgA corner of the downtown LA skyline from 6th and Flower streets.
Homeless camp on Pico
homeless-pico-closer.jpgSidewalk encampment on Pico Boulevard in West LA. Photos
Of tsunamis and earthquakes
namie-pile-sign.jpgIn one part of Japan, time has stood still since the 2011 tsunami. Story and video
Music at Doheny Mansion
dacamera-doheny-iris.jpgIris Schneider takes in some chamber music with the Da Camera Society. More
The name fits in Sawtelle
sawtele-furaibo.jpgSawtelle Japantown is LA's newest blue-sign neighborhood. Kevin Roderick
Giant coreopsis bloom
giant-coreopsis-malibu-point-dume-vdt.jpgThat time again at Point Dume headlands. Here in Malibu
Villaraigosa's new crib
villaraigosa-home.jpgFormer mayor buys a $2.5 million contemporary in Beachwood Canyon.
Streetscape | Pico Boulevard
pico-bike-skeleton.jpgMan and his skeleton riding tandem in Santa Monica. Photo: Sean Roderick
Desertscape | Mojave boxcar
open-boxcar-mojave.jpgBoxcar on siding, Mojave Air and Space Port.
Streetscape | Colby Avenue
colby-quonset.jpgQuonset hut on the Westside. You'll never guess the address.
Streetscape | Sunset Boulevard
silver-lake-scene-sunset.jpgSilver Lake near Sunset Junction.
6th Street bridge design
Renderings for the the 6th Street Viaduct and an NFL stadium for Carson. Inside
Last Remaining Seats
wizardofoz-lrs-underhill.jpgEd Fuentes' advice on what to wear and where to eat.
Broad museum
bcam-couple-iris.jpgIris Schneider takes the tour of the art museum coming to Bunker Hill. Photos
Maestra Canellakis
Karina-Canellakis-300.jpgKarina Canellakis and more reviewed. Native Intelligence
Hollyhock House reopens
hollyhock-iris-girl-in-room.jpgIris Schneider's photos from the reopened Barnsdall Park landmark. Native Intelligence
Al Martinez remembered
al-mtz-memorial.jpgBill Boyarsky and Steve Lopez spoke at a memorial gathering at Bergamot Station. Photo: Iris Schneider.
Streetscape | Broadway
bridal-dresses-iris.jpgBridal and quinceañera dresses in DTLA. Photo: Iris Schneider.
Razed but not forgotten
Village-Books-Demolition-Jan-2015.jpgThe former Village Books has been torn down to remake Pacific Palisades. More
Night on Broadway
los-angeles-theatre-iris.jpgMovie palaces were packed on open house night. Photos by Iris Schneider
TV news oops
kcal-presip-oops.jpgDoes Rich Fields seem perplexed by KCAL's spelling of precipitation?
No more Mr. Disguise guy
jonathan-gold-truck.jpgJonathan Gold drops his anonymity as documentary screens at Sundance. More