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Back home in a more suspicious Mar Vista

mar-vista-stanwood-jg.jpg Sometimes the cable guy is really the cable guy. Sometimes the guy with dogs who lives in his RV is just homeless.

LA's football follies

rams-unis-gold.jpg The Chargers move to LA on the same day that the Rams hire the youngest head coach in NFL history. Meh.

The End Begins

LAO_AtomBomb.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Lois Boardman's jewelry collection finds a home

lois-boardman-dogs.jpg LACMA exhibit provides a window into the life and personality of the octogenarian South Pasadena collector.

LADWP headquarters

TMPGL_GarcettiatDWP.jpg Mayor Garcetti event outside the DWP.

Wilshire Grand spire

TMPGL-atop-the-spire.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs each week at LA Observed.

Malibu beach hijinx, take 256

free-zuma-phone.jpg The public has property rights, too - and we're tired of being forced to use our state taxes to fight decades-long battles for public access that has been long established.

Theatrical highlights of 2016

bekkah-brunstetter-scr.jpg My year-end highlights list gives me a chance to admire productions that I didn't mention earlier in the year.

'History of the Central Library'

LAO_LAPL_TomLaBonge.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Fake news through the years

islands-lanp-harvey.jpg In my 20 years as a Los Angeles Times columnist I came close to printing some untrue items — unwittingly, of course.

Friends with books: Two men of Mars

myrbcollection.jpg Two longtime friends recently published a pair of books about a couple of lifelong heroes of mine.

Let there be light refraction

rainbow13 from the patio 12-16-16.JPG Rainbows are fleeting gifts brought to you by sunlight dancing with water droplets. Sometimes, the show lasts longer than you've a right to expect.

Stew and Heidi and The Negro Problem at REDCAT

stew-iris.jpg I attended services at the church of Stew (and Heidi) last night.

Echo Park Community Parade

LAO_EchoParkParade.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Baryshnikov, Trifonov, 'Wonderful Town' are gifts galore

baryshnikov-letter-to-a-man.jpg If we're lucky UCLA's Royce Hall will stage an encore of "Letter to a Man." And more.

King (or queen) of the mountain

Dead Indian Canyon bighorn6 12-12-16 - Copy.JPG The best companion on an early morning hike has four legs and an air of imperialism.

Q&A: 'Instagrammer' paperboyo air tags LA

paperboyo-palms-crop.jpg London artist Rich McCor has been in Los Angeles air tagging some of the local landmarks.

'Merrily' is a masterpiece. Melted 'Icebergs'

merrily84a-ds.jpg Two major productions in LA right now more or less begin with scenes set in LA - which is so unusual on our larger stages that I'm happy to salute any effort to examine our own community.

Documenting Kenya and The Samburu Project

jongoy-iris-schneider.jpg For many years I had searched for a way to go to Africa with an organization that was improving the lives of women.

New County Board of Supervisors

LAO_CountySupervisors.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Pink Lady of Malibu Canyon

LAO_PinkLady.jpg Steve Seemayer with the original artwork used by his mother, Lynne Seemayer, to paint the Pink Lady over the Malibu Canyon tunnel in 1966.

Taking a walk in desert canyon country

Dead-Indian-Canyon-desert-l.jpg After the rain, the desert awakens with quiet beauty.

Day before Thanksgiving meal

LAO_ThanksgivingLA_Mission.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

It is happening here

itcanthappenhere-wire.jpg The angry workers...the anxious middle class...the jittery rich...the discontented military--Senator "Buzz" Windrip brought them all together with his combination of...

Site of Pandora's Box

TMPGL-riotonsunset.jpg The 50th anniversary of the Riot on the Sunset Strip is commemorated.

People of Saturday's DTLA Trump protest

Josiah-Oballes-Jimmy-640-ir.jpg Saturday was the biggest day yet of Los Angeles protests against the dangerous rhetoric used by candidate Donald Trump, now the president-elect.

Mahler's spell plus Bell, Forsythe and Gheorghiu

forsythe-ballet-sfballet.jpg Donna Perlmutter celebrates the fall season in LA classical music and arts.

Figueroa Street

tmpgl-figueroa-street.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs each week at LA Observed.

Faith in the electoral system

St. Margaret's election day sign2 11-8-16 - Copy.JPG Church, meet state on election day 2016.

Telenovelas and Trumpery

destiny-of-desire-ds.jpg The telenovela genre embraces the theater in "Destiny of Desire," Karen Zacarias' wildly funny play at South Coast Repertory.

Garcetti and Measure M

LAO_MeasureM_Garcetti.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs weekly at LA Observed.

Reading the signs beyond the liberal bubble

crooked-hillary-rascon.jpg Just how much of a "left coast" bubble is Los Angeles? Molly Selvin is volunteering for Clinton in North Carolina.

When Ring Lardner covered the Cubs

Ramiro-Gomez-watches-cubs.jpg He put poetry in the players' mouths, invented feuds and covered baseball in a manner never attempted before and never dared since.
New at LA Observed

First raptor of 2017
malibu-raptor-vdk.jpgVeronique de Turenne at her Here in Malibu blog.
First day of 2017
mt-wilson-cam1117.jpgMt. Wilson cam. Always on, sometimes dark.
Melrose Streetscape
melrose-church.jpgUkrainian Orthodox Church of St Vladimir, Melrose Avenue.
Merry LA Christmas
xmas-mtn-view-jg.jpgA home in Mar Vista really gets into the lawn decorations. Photo by Judy Graeme.
Yule season on piñata row
pinata-xmas.jpgBusy time in the downtown piñata district.
Media streetscape
bzzfeed-clsed.jpgBuzzFeed offices on Beverly Boulevard.
Art Friday
del-toro-lacma-friday.jpgThe day after Thanksgiving was jumping at LACMA.
Oldest remaining McDonald's
mcdonalds-downey.jpgLakewood Boulevard in Downey.
heads-olvera-street.jpgOlvera Street store display.
Spiders at NHMLA
nhm-spider-banner.jpgSpider exhibit at the Natural History Museum.
mirandas-whittierblvd-ela.jpgWhittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles.
Hennessey + Ingalls
henessey-ingalls-dtla.jpgNow Downtown in the Arts District.
artsdst-tpe-streetscape.jpgColyton Street in the Arts District.
Palm weed
palm-weed-boyle-heights.jpgAnother beautiful LA palm tree, this one in Boyle Heights.
Code 7 in Sherman Oaks
Cde7-shermanaks.jpgHow about a little LA crime history with your meal. Backstory
dtla-streetscene.jpgCrossing 7th Street at Broadway on a Saturday.
Neon treasures of LA
mna-derb.jpgThe Museum of Neon Art is thriving in Glendale and that's OK.
la-river-islands-vernon.jpgThe Los Angeles River looking upstream from East 26th Street in the city of Vernon.
Behind the Orpheum
back-of-orpheum-up.jpgThe view from Spring Street in downtown LA.
Mojave mannequins
hiway14-mannequins.jpgA splash of color beside Highway 14 in Mojave.
Parker Center palms
parker-center-palms.jpgIt's hard to take a photo in this town without a palm tree showing up. Bigger
Donald Trump piñatas
trump-pinatas-dtla.jpgTrump is a staple in the piñata district. Larger