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Car Pool DeVille

LAO_Doo Dah_carpool.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard is a weekly feature of LA Observed.

Mature postmodern metropolis seeks long-term relationship

Hopscotch300B.jpg Los Angeles is like an aging intellectual hipster whose love of the ineffable fragmentary nature of the decentered urban experience has gotten old.

Autonomous Vehicle Showcase

LAO_Garcetti_autonomous_vehicle.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Art of Ishiuchi Miyako may be what you yearn for

isiuchi-miyako-iris.jpg The Japanese photographer's work is on view at the Getty.

Ovations and upward mobility for LA theater

ovation-awards.jpg After this week's Ovation Awards, I am suggesting - and hoping - that more producers, writers and actors start thinking about larger theater venues.

ACLU Awards

LAO_Tom Morello copy.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears on Thursdays at LA Observed.
gabe-kapler-grab.jpg Ten years ago, Phil Wallace suggested that Andrew Friedman hire Joe Maddon as manager in Tampa Bay. He has a recommendation for the Dodgers.

My personal climate change

walk along Cat Creek4 toward Cahuilla Hills 11-7-15 - Copy.JPG Even if it's time to make a change, Ellen Alperstein writes, it's still hard to say goodbye.

What 'Trumbo' doesn't tell us

HollywoodTenprotest.jpg Another view of the new movie that dramatizes the Hollywood blacklist era. "The larger story," writes Joel Bellman, "is much more complex and interesting."

My kind of superhero movies

bombach-scarpelli.jpg "Frame by Frame," a documentary about journalists in Afghanistan, and "Spotlight" -- about the Boston reporters who uncovered the Catholic priest sex scandal -- both open today.

Tyrus Wong 105 years old

LAO_Tyrus105.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard appears every Thursday at LA Observed.

'Trumbo' tells a great story and demands to be seen

trumbo-mirren-cranston.jpg It also contains one of the funniest lines in the movies this year. I won't spoil it for you.

From "Smogtown" to a model for the world?

Peyri Herrera.jpg LA is seen worldwide as a winner in the fight against air pollution. But to really become a model, LA may need to relearn its own history

Dressed for los muertos

folklorico-duo-jg.jpg Celebrating Day of the Dead early at Olvera Street. A little gallery.

'Hopscotch' is a mobile opera of LA culture

hopscotch-kiss.jpg This opera on the move across Los Angeles changes the nature of spectator and artist. Check out our sneak peek.

Rain Room at LACMA

rain-room-iris.jpg The interactive, large-scale installation that simulates the experience of continuous rainfall will open at LACMA on Sunday.

6th Street Bridge farewell

LAO_6th St BridgeFarewell.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard runs on Thursdays at LA Observed.

Tribute to a cantankerous, tap-dancing LA golf guru

ed-coleman-vert.jpg Rancho Park course legend Ed Coleman golfed with Babe Ruth, trained Jesse Owens and Jerry West, and fact-checked columnist Frank Deford.

Santa Monica tsunami forecast: everything you should know

Case16Elev.jpg A scientist reads the latest NOAA report on future tsunamis so you don't have to — and points out the good stuff.

When LA's vineyards ruled California by abusing Native Americans

Brandy-distiller-used-by-Vignes.jpg Vignes Street, Bauchet and Wolfskill are all named for early Los Angeles winemakers. It's not a pretty story.

Only in LA: Lines of Miscommunication

nailsrear.jpg Steve Harvey's latest: We have entrants in four categories.
Dudamel.jpg Marathons, hallmarks and icons -- are they the trick to boost ticket sales?
dodgers-friedman-zaidi.jpg Blame focused on Friedman for the Dodgers' early playoff exit is misplaced. Friedman is the man who will take the Dodgers to the next level.
New at LA Observed
PCH blue
pch-north-vdt.jpg Not a bad commute. Veronique de Turenne
Spring Street streetscape
food-for-dogs.jpgFirst Whole Foods arrives downtown. Now health food for dogs.
Rain Room
rain-room-iris.jpgMuch-anticipated installation at LACMA requires timed tickets. A peek inside.
Lines of miscommunication
now:under:no.jpgOnly in LA: Steve Harvey's latest column.
mannequin-heads-jg.jpgLast chances on La Brea Avenue. Photo by Judy Graeme. See bigger
Future of Cities
foc-cocktails.jpgAbout 500 people turned out for new group's first LA leadership summit.
Fishing the pier
sm-pier-fishing.jpgSanta Monica Pier.
Chuck Berry and the Stones
rollingstones-hagg.jpgOne rocking Saturday night in the KHJ-TV studios in 1965. Video and backstory
Dorothea Lange's LA photos
dorothea-lange-la-mexican-quarter.jpgDowntown's "Mexican quarter" in 1936. Images
Father and daughter
garcetti-with-maya.jpgMayor Eric Garcetti and his daughter, Maya, at Gary Leonard's gallery.
Republicans for Voldemort
republicans-voldemort-vdt.jpgSpotted near the Malibu civic center. Veronique de Turenne
Visiting mom at Clifton's
cliftons-workers-rr.jpg Visiting mom's ashes, that is.
Neutra and Schindler
neutra-schindler-ucsb.jpgPlay imagines what happened after the estranged architects were reunited in a 1953 hospital room. Karen Wada
'Good morning, people!'
grace-slick-woodstock-dark.jpgGrace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane at Woodstock. Turn it up.
For your consideration
bessie-still.jpgTwo costume designers who should have received Emmy nominations in our blogger's judgment.
gayley-terrace-ww.jpg Gayley Terrace in Westwood Village.
ice-cream-man-pdr.jpg By the bike path in Playa del Rey.
The edge
ocean-vdt.jpg The view at the edge of the continent. Veronique de Turenne
LA's newest mountain lions
p-43-kitten.jpgKittens P-43 and P-44 caught and tagged.
LA's lizard season
baby-lizard-nhmla.jpgBaby lizards are all around in August. Story
Studying LA coyotes
coyote-dtla-nps.jpgWhere two Central LA coyotes go. Map
Secretary by day
Jenelle-Hamilton-sumo.jpgSumo fighter by night. Story