To do, Thursday: Chinatown Farmers' Market

Before I stopped by USC last week to check in on the drama at the Daily Trojan, I did some grocery shopping at the Chinatown Farmers' Market per the suggestion of an LAO reader.

If you work downtown or are in the neighborhood around 2:00PM any given Thursday, stop by 727 N. Hill Street (between Alpine and Ord) for a unique experience. There are one or two growers from the Central Valley who are absolutely swarmed when the market opens by shoppers looking for some of the freshest Asian produce around. Some of the folks down at USC got to enjoy the grapes and peanuts I picked up at the market.

Your LAO video crew was rolling:

Going strong since 2002: Here's a fun take on the market around the time that it opened in 2002 from the Los Angeles Vegetarians in Paradise.

And don't forget: Keep the story ideas coming!

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