So, you think your commute is intense?

Read a hard copy of the Los Angeles Times with your morning coffee? Chances are your paper has a commute just as tough as yours. And just think, you don't even have to go on a 9,840 foot conveyor belt ride through a 684,491 square foot 3-story plant before you can hop in the car.

The Times has two production facilities. The Olympic plant in downtown L.A. opened in June 1990 and according to a plaque in the lobby its 500 employees (with help from 6 Goss Colorliner presses and dozens of robots) produce 676 million copies of the Times annually. When I showed up to the "Oly" plant for a tour the presses were just starting to roll. Take a look:

LAO podcast

Previously on LAO video: By a vote of 140 to 131, the Times' pressroom workers voted to unionize in January. Since then, the Times appealed the vote count to the National Labor Relations Board citing misconduct. A decision on whether the vote will be thrown out is expected soon. You probably shouldn't hold your breath for the final verdict, however. The losing side can take their appeal all the way to Washington.

LAO video edited by Alex Gans and photographed by Thomas Macker

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