Picky, picky . . . or: how many copyeditors also took (or were forced to take) the buyout at the LA Times?

On the front page of this morning’s Calendar section (June 6, 2007) is Michael J. Ybarra’s story about Osamu Tezuka, the manga artist who has been called “Japan’s Walt Disney” for, as the Times reports, creating “Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion, which in turn beget the Japanese anime craze that circled the globe.”

Now, I’m not sure if “beget” above should be “begat” -- where's that Bible when you need it? -- but I’m absolutely sure that manga is not spelled “magna” as it is three times in the story.

Makes me want to blow my top and spew.

I know how easy it is for a writer to transpose letters in a wodr, but that’s why God created copy-desks. And He knows full well how much I need one so that my books at least look as if they're written by a professional.

I've resisted joining the chorus of complaint about our local paper, but the latest talent Diaspora is disheartening.

And now this?

Will they Yoda speaking next start printing like?

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