A new way to capture those epic moments

mophie-outride-iphone.jpgFinally perfected that Ollie on your skateboard? Caught an awesome wave at San Onofre? Whether on land, sea or air, the new Outride system makes sure you'll get it on video. From San Diego based Mophie - best known for well-designed iPhone battery packs and external chargers - comes a new waterproof, high-impact housing and flexible mount which turn your iPhone into a fully ruggedized video camera. And with the accompanying App you can edit footage to share with fellow adventurers around the world, create custom playlists, and follow the growing list of pro athletes who use the Outrider (surfers, mountain bikers, skiers - you name it).

Devices which help monitor and document our lives have been a big trend at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, from health / wellness gadgets to body-worn automatic cameras which preserve everything one does for posterity. While some of these applications can get a bit self indulgent, the ability to capture exciting moments and accomplishments - then share the experience with friends and family - is a powerful use of the latest digital technology.

Waterproof and adventure-focused video tools have been available for many years (San Francisco's GoPro is a standout in this market), but I love the Outrider because it lets even the casual sports enthusiast easily repurpose the phone they already own into an action sports cam. When used on land the iPhone even maintains full functionality, a bonus if you're lost on the trail in Malibu and need to call in a rescue team. Retails for about $150, with full info available at www.mophie.com.

LA-based design and innovation expert Joel Delman is serving as LA Observed guest blogger covering CES 2013 from an LA and Southern California point of view. Joel is creative director for Product Development Technologies. He received his Master of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, his JD from Harvard Law School and his bachelor's in economics from New York University.

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