Only in LA: Up the down city

Overheard, a young woman at a Long Beach gym, talking about her latest DMV driving exam: "The instructor tested me on hand signals, first for a left turn and then for a right turn. Then he said, 'How about the third signal?' I said, 'Hand or finger?'"

Speaking of driving...

proctor sidewalk.jpgPhil Proctor of Beverly Hills found one reason why no one walks in L.A.

Even elevators are having traffic problems...

UPelevator.jpgSome seem to be going up the down staircase. Some seem to require users to punch in a special code. (Photo by Val Rodriguez.) And some are having breakdown in the most unusual places. (Photo by Laura Petersen.)

elevator both buttons.jpgelevator out of order.jpg

L.A., we don't all love it!
Mystery novelist Wendy Hornsby of Long Beach detected a less-than-fond farewell to L.A. from a Paso Robles resident.

adios ellay.jpg

One more thing

It reminded me of a sarcastic postcard of years ago. (Photo by Rick Sauer.)


While we're at it...

Then there was the flier on an overpass of the 405 recommending Angelenos to hit the road.


Anti-L.A. talk (cont.)

I agree with TImes columnist Jack Smith, who welcomed criticism of LA, figuring that it might thin out the traffic.

Those wacky American Airlines computers

AA Miles Only In LA.jpg

"I know time flies," wrote Ken Brock, "but I had no idea my airline could predict my future air travel."


David Batterson gets a lot of laughs perusing online job listings. Here are the headings of three ads placed by folks who truly need assistance, including one who is having a personal crisis over e-mail.

message therapst.jpg

Playing ball, globally


Just for the record, Dennis Rodman, North Korea's good friend, is hardly the first sports celebrity to indulge in international diplomacy. Several years ago, the Dodgers' Tommy Lasorda autographed baseballs and met with visiting dignitaries from the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington D.C. The press couldn't resist calling him Lasorda of Arabia. (Photo by Karl Schumacher.)

Say what you want about LA

CORN.jpgWhere else can you find drive-through corn? (Photo by Maria L'Angelle.)

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