Adunni Nefretiti

©2013 J. Michael Walker

Eastside artist J. Michael Walker posts on Facebook:

So, last Monday, in the warmest possible hour of a crazy-hot afternoon, two over-packed cars pulled up in front of my house, and out spilled a cornucopia of sweetness and beauty: the seven women who comprise the music and dance troupe of Adunni Nefretiti, who came, on their final day in LA, and on their "day off" for me to make portraits of them, before they jet off, back home via Dubai, to Lagos, Nigeria. And so, in my tiniest-possible crowded studio, as we drank ice water, gobbled grapes, laughed and joked, we made many gorgeous images.... Axé.

Walker was the author-illustrator of "All the Saints of the City of the Angels: Seeking the Soul of L.A. on Its Streets" (Heyday 2008), and co-editor of "Waiting for Foreign: LA Writers on (and in) Guadalajara."

More of his photos of the troupe.

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