Who says showbiz is cruel?


Writer Jonathan Dobrer found a parking lot in Sherman Oaks that's reserved for "no talent" types.

Of course, he adds, the spots at the casting agency were empty. "Who, after all, would accept the category?" he pointed out.


Parking can be not-so-sweet sorrow (Part 2)


In Long Beach, I spotted a lot that will charge you even if you don't park there. Isn't that what "zero" hours means? I suppose you're supposed to throw the money out your window to the attendant as you drive by.

Berry, berry strange...

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As this country moves further and further away from its agricultural beginnings, folks seem to have more and more trouble identifying things like fruits and vegetables.

Food for thought

henpants-sh.jpgOn the other hand, anyone might be puzzled by an outfit for chicken legs, spotted by Chuck Rozner.

Market strategy


As I've said of LA's 97-year-old landmark, this isn't your grandfather's Grand Central Market. For a while you could find "MF Burgers" (don't ask.) It's gone but another business with a provocative title, "Egg Slut," has been added. And now the place displays art pieces. It would be difficult to find something that stimulates the appetite like a rotating work called "Thumbsnail." Last time I looked, though, "Thumbsnail" was gone. Maybe getting a manicure.

Nerviest recycler


Looks like someone chipped off one of the metallic letters on the Foltz Criminal Justice Center sign downtown. Some irony there -- committing a crime against a criminal courts sign.

One more blow for rational discussion...

criticalthinking-sh.jpg"This may explain a few things," says Pat Mauer of West L.A. about a class cancellation he noticed at a hospital.

Unclear on the concept


"At the airport in Hilo, as I was headed to Gate 3, I was unsure of which way to go," writes sportscaster Tomm Looney. "I kind of felt like Dorothy for a minute."

Look at it this way: The dueling arrows were actually further proof that the world is round. (Sorry, flat-world zealots.)

Letter imperfect


"It says 'stationary,' but it's not," reports Dennis Levin of one mid-town business. "It's gone."

Devil of a heat wave


I'm glad Irvine's no longer suffering from 4-digit temperatures (an NBC exclusive, snapped by Jeff Bliss.) When it gets that hot, I imagine it can seem less like a day in Paradise than in the Other Place.



Sure, LA drivers have battled Carmageddon and Jamzilla of late. But traffic wasn't so smooth in the old days, either. In the 1940s, for instance, La Cienega was split by a formidable obstacle just south of Beverly. The owner balked at selling the well, which pre-dated that stretch of La Cienega.


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