Only in LA: The great ideas issue

Let's start with some inventions that may be ahead of their time


Doc, you can take this prescription and...

Some unusual instructions for "goners" and others.


Valentine's Day item?

maritalarts-sh.jpgAn apparent offer of instructions in the romantic arts.

No romantic, he

1wife-sh.jpgHeikki Ketola snapped my all-time favorite unsentimental proposition several years ago.

You made your bed, now you...

This gloomy observation was photographed in Topanga by Steve Durgin.


Randy's Donuts outsized to China?

That was my first thought when I saw a photo of a familiar-looking Inglewood shop_ in China. But as the New York Times explained, it's not a donut but the Guangzhou Circle office building. And it's one of the structures recently branded "weird architecture" by Chinese President Xi Jinping. The president did not mean that as a compliment.


Flash-food warning?

Photog Don Bentley suspects that the graphics person for one local station's weather report was thinking ahead to dinner.


Kindness smindness

Get out the Denver Boot!


Not lovin' it

noburger-sh.jpgA small victory for vegans in Little Tokyo.

This type of burger wasn't offered at the eatery, either.


Before I go...

I have a big announcement about my organization.


I knew you'd be excited.

That's all for now. Have to go

Please watch your step on the way out.1nofloor-sh.jpg

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