Overheard at the BNP Paribas Open tournament in Indian Wells

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"I always like to get revenges."
-- Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, on beating Dominika Cibulkova after a loss to her last month.

"It's not there yet. ... You know, your mouth starts to water, but it doesn't mean you'll get fed."
-- Venus Williams, when asked what it would mean to win this tournament.

"I don't know who that is. I hope it's a compliment."
-- Jack Sock, when asked if anyone ever told him he looks like the lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age.

"Not really. Tennis fans are pretty well-behaved."
-- Bored Indian Wells cop at the player autograph site when asked if he'd seen any action this week.

"Hey, hitting partner! What's your string tension?"
-- Spectator yelling from the bleachers above the court where Jack Sock is practicing.

"94 miles per hour is a pretty fast second serve. For a girl."
-- Spectator watching the match between Venus Williams, 36, and Elena Vesnina, 30.

"What we do is such a small thing in the world. We all just hit a tennis ball over the net."
-- Nick Kyrgios, a player with a record of unsportsmanlike behavior.

"So cheaty."
"Looks like JP's drop shot."
-- Two buddies at the practice court watching Nick Kyrgios deke his hitting partner.

"Look, he has different socks."
-- A barefoot young man at the practice court watching ... Jack Sock.

"I don't move around the court to please."
-- Roger Federer when asked if aesthetics play a role in how he thinks about his game.

Photo: Ellen Alperstein

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