Photo gallery for
Veronique de Turenne

Fire damage on PCH

pch-fire-sign-vdt.jpg Evidence of the Springs Fire is everywhere along Pacific Coast Highway north of Malibu.

View from top of City Hall

view-from-city-hall-vdt.jpg The view of Los Angeles from the observation tower at City Hall remains one of the best around. Classic and timeless.

Christmas morning on Point Dume

point-dume-headlands-vdt.jpg Sun just up, Pacific restless, sea lions bellowing by the bell bouy. And there, on the viewing platform, still fresh, roses.

Sunrise with palms

sunrise-palms-vdt.jpg December sunrise from Paradise Cove in Malibu. More from the morning...

Cloud watching

cloud-atlas-vdt.jpg Inspired by the sky and David Mitchell's novel, "Cloud Atlas." Here in Malibu...

Misty morning

misty-morning-malibu.jpg January morning in the Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu by Veronique de Turenne....

In the oak room

oak-room-vdt.jpg In the Santa Monica Mountains, by Veronique de Turenne....
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