Craig's list

I visit the furniture section on Craigslist a lot and get a lot of laughs: dinning room table, rod iron headboard, master sweet furnachure. But this is the funniest ad so far:

"I'm posting this ad in part to sell a table, and in part to lash out at you stubborn, stubborn people. I've been trying to sell this, like, fantastic side table for a few weeks now, and the only offers I get are severely undercutting (you might as well take a booger and fling it at me). I mean, come on, look at this thing! It's cool! The surface is cool, it's in really good condition, and it's selling for the same amount you'd spend on a lone night out at P.F. Changs. P.F. Changs! Buy the table. That's all I'm saying. Buy it. And don't try to bargain me down, just hand me $20. Okay? Let's not prolong this."

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