Letter from Chicago: Thank you and good luck

Dear Los Angeles, Thank you and good luck.

As a former Los Angeleno, now a Chicagoan, I appreciate more than you can ever know the decision of the LA Dodgers to take Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Marmol in trade Tuesday for Matt Guerrier.

marmol-chi-grab.jpgIn this age of the Internet, you surely went into this transaction with open eyes, and I wouldn't for a moment suggest that you'd been hoodwinked. But, really, a lot of us here in Chicago are nonplussed by your generosity ... even if we did have to throw in a little additional sweetener (international signing-bonus slot No. 4).

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You can't help but know Cubs fans have booed Marmol most every time he's taken the mound at home this season. And, if you're aware of that, then you know about his less-than-stellar performance in a few outings, like the Cubs-Mets game of June 16th, during which the Cubs were up 3-0 going into the bottom of the 9th. And then they called Marmol up from the pen.

He allowed the four runs necessary to lose that one, including a three-run homer.

Did I mention the Cubs were playing the Mets?

The Mets!

Blown save after blown save.

None of this means Marmol won't be able to turn it all around in LA. The fans, in my experience, are certainly more gentle in LA. I can't recall any instance in which they booed a member of their own team. But then, I've been gone a couple years.

Perhaps LA's surroundings will agree with him. But, a word of advice ... that beat-the-traffic behavior pattern that sends a good portion of the stadium shuffling to the exits in the seventh inning might have to change if you see Marmol up in the bullpen.

You'll see.

In the meantime, thank you again. One need only sample the tweets of Cubs fans on Twitter to understand what joy you've brought us. We will miss Marmol. He was good material.

I've assembled a sampling of some of my favorite Marmol Tweets. Forgive me for including one of my own. Enjoy:

-- TJ Sullivan

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