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Louise Green

Louise_new.jpgMeet Louise Green, a Los Angeles-based British milliner. Milliner is the twenty dollar word for a person who makes hats. But Green does more than just make hats; she manifests creative fantasies that rest atop your head. After studying fine art in Britain, Green landed in the United States in 1984, quickly gravitating toward hat design. She operates one of the most successful domestic, high-end millinery companies out of a 9,000 square foot factory in the heart of West Los Angeles.

What drew you to millinery?
I pride myself on being a lifetime Fashionista & a passionate vintage clothing shopper.
Always loving hats & sewing as a hobby made millinery an obvious choice.

Is Los Angeles a "hat" town? Where do your customers wear your hats?
Every town is a hat town. There are hat wearers everywhere.
In Los Angeles there are ladies who lunch, customers who fly to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby & to Ascot in England. There are your musicians who wear them on stage, hipsters who wear them everywhere & actors who wear hats for their roles in movies & on TV.
Then there are the Orthodox Jews, the church ladies, the carriage drivers, re-enactors, rockabillies & my favorite of all the hat wearers, the hat fanatics. The hat fanatics will not leave the house without one.

What do you like about living in Los Angeles?
The question should be "What don't you like about living in Los Angeles?"
I LOVE Los Angeles. It is my adopted home. I love the weather, the people, the fashion, the air of opportunity. I feel so blessed to live & work here.

What part of LA makes you homesick for the UK? What do you do to cure any homesickness?
I am never homesick for England. I am happy I was brought up there but Los Angeles suits me.

So many Brits in LA make their home in Santa Monica. Is that still a popular place for the expats that you encounter? Why do you think they relocate there?
The weather, the weather & then there is the weather.

Has your accent changed since living in Los Angeles? How?
Unfortunately yes. I heard myself on a video last week & I realized I now drop my T's. I am working on fixing that!

What's your favorite spot(s) to relax or revive in Los Angeles?

I love the Self Realization Gardens in Pacific Palisades, Rustic Canyon Park, strolling on Montana Ave & eating at all of the many vegan restaurants around town.

My true relaxation is at Krav Maga Worldwide after work & at weekends. I love to hit & punch things in the heavy bag class. I am also an avid CrossFitter.

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