Only in LA: Pay up!

It's tax time (maybe even for billionaires, who knows?) but, luckily, Only in LA is here to help.

We've gathered such advisers as a tax preparer who claims he can read the minds of IRS agents.


Or, if the 1040 process is just too exhausting, how about a tax man who can provide you with a place to lie down when it's over? Or just beginning?


Or maybe you want to go straight to the drugs.


Even if you're one of those folks who says that taxes are killing you — or, at least cleaning you out — we have a couple of recommendations.


If you hire private help, just make sure you're not enlisting someone who is more adept with numbers than with letters.


Dealing with impersonal IRS auditors only complicates the process.

Boy, I bet that, when he was in grade school, Mr. Income Tax Return must have been really kidded by his classmates about his unusual name.

The IRS has been known to make impossible scheduling demands.


Then there was the IRS collector who sent one Only in L.A. reader a nearly illiterate note.


By the way, I see, the IRS' latest motto is "Destruction With Care."

Oops. I guess that's another IRS, a private business. Still the motto sort of fits...

Steve Harvey's Only in LA column originated in the Los Angeles Times and now appears occasionally at LA Observed. Steve can be reached at or on Twitter @sharvey9.

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