Tiptoe through the typos:​ ​Lowlights from the first 2 decades of Only in LA

Beginning with a traffic report (hey, this is LA).

​O​ne day, several years ago, motorists on the 405 were surprised to discover that they were headed in the direction of...Baker-what? Apparently during a changeover of signs, a Caltrans worke​r ​pulled ​the wrong placard out of the bin. ​


Which also explains why, as you've no doubt been told many times, ​if there is a "Bakermento" there must also be a...​ You guessed it.​


Meanwhile, another errant sign on the Harbor Freeway probably confirmed Easterners' suspicions about LA


But, really​,​ LA cares. Perhaps too much at times


And the Los "Angles" typo was an innocent oversight, just like the seemingly Worst Dining Offer of All Time, made by a downtown LA hotel


Or the attack on the innocent burg of Ontario by one travel web site.​ Sorry about that!


Oh, sure there were plenty of typos​ out there​ — cream cheese on your vehicle, sir?


Roadside violence seemed to be on the increase, at least in classified ads




Some oddities only appeared to be typos — at two apartments in Palms, for example — where ​management has a sense of humor. No it ain't supposed to say CAPRI


Then there was the apparent lack of good taste at a Hancock Park estate wh​ose owner shocked neighbors, and much of the rest of humanity, by pasting happy faces on his front wall


Actually, the owner was just having some fun; he was about to have his house painted — and the faces came down, their smiles undimmed.

The public's preoccupation with car chases was satirized by Critters, a ​one-time ​Hermosa Beach bar



But if you just couldn't take any more of the 405, there ​were other options


OK, that ​one ​seemed a bit extreme. How about taking a bit of time off? I hear that Bakermento is beautiful this time of the year.

Or perhaps you could consult your insurance agent


Steve Harvey's Only in LA column originated in the Los Angeles Times and now appears occasionally at LA Observed. Steve can be reached at steveharvey9@gmail.com or on Twitter @sharvey9.

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