First thing Monday, 10/3

In addition to last night's items on the Times stories by Ken Auletta and the Wall Street Journal, here are some other things you might want to know about:

 ♦ Getty curator of antiquities Marion True resigned ahead of a Times disclosure that she bought a vacation home in the Greek islands using a loan expedited by one of the museum's main suppliers of ancient art. She already faces trial in Italy on charges of conspiring to traffic in looted antiquities.
 ♦ Friend-of-Antonio Larry Frank, the deputy mayor for neighborhood and community services who drives a 1965 Valiant convertible, tells why he came over from the labor movement in a Sunday Q-and-Q by Abel Salas in the LAT Magazine: "This is the first time I've crossed over. I've managed to get through my whole organizing career with hardly an enemy. I think it's prepared me for trying to play a role. We have 1,700 elected neighborhood council leaders in our communities. That's just a phenomenal thing. Democracy is messy, but communities are entry points to the profound richness of the city."
 ♦ Ousted mayor Jim Hahn got together with a half-dozen ex-aides downtown at Pete's and took note of the good press Villaraigosa got last week for being on jury duty. Hahn, to Rick Orlov of the Daily News: "I guess I should have put out a press release every time I was called for jury duty...I think I got called every other year."
 ♦ Adelphia customer Nikki Finke emails that the cable service ran "Desperate Housewives" only in Spanish last night, just days after going off the air entirely during "Lost." Now there's an innovative way to win over customers.
 ♦ claims to have posted exclusive video of a racial riot among inmates at the Pitchess Detention Center, part of the vast L.A. county jail system.
 ♦ Today's L.A. Business Journal has a front-page (meaning free) explainer on the Tribune's billion-dollar tax trouble.
 ♦ Classic October Santa Anas will return Tuesday. Look out in the hills...
 ♦ I was wrong last week about the Dodgers finishing with their worst record since coming to Los Angeles. This was their second-worst West Coast season, 22 losses uglier than last year.

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