Open Source Media really OSM? *

The new blog collective that yesterday called itself Open Source Media responded today to the accusation that the name was already taken. The explanation is that the site's trade name is actually OSM, and that Open Source Media is just "a description of what we are and do, not a trade name." Hmm, oh really? The chairman of the effort's editorial advisory board, Instapundit Glenn Reynolds, called it by the full name yesterday. The title atop the home page still says Open Source Media. That's what the participating bloggers have been calling the new launch. I expect we'll hear more about this.

* By the end of the day: The home page title was changed to OSM and a page was added explaining the name snafu. It's OSM-dot-org by the way. Funny aside about unintended beneficiary Oregon Steel Mill, which has OSM-dot-com. 11 pm

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