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If they are not there already, later today I'll be adding these noteworthy new participants in the L.A. blogosphere.

Bill Bradley is the California political analyst with the mostest Schwarzenegger access. He brings his New West Notes online via the LA Weekly. The domain is in place, the blog shows up on Technorati, so Bill there's no time like now for some content.

John Stodder is a former City Hall and Hall of Administration deputy whose blog, From the Desert to the Sea, will make its biggest initial splash because of the boldest fresh entry on his political resume. He's the fired Fleishman-Hillard vice president who is scheduled to go on federal trial for wire fraud this spring with his former boss, Doug Dowie. He introduces himself:

I will say nothing here about the case, except to state my innocence and affirm my strong belief that I will be exonerated. I’m not trying to draw attention to my old firm or anyone who worked there. That’s not what this blog is about.

Instead, it will be the story of, and reflections from, a man in exile from the life he knew–a life that now seems farther away in time than just a year. For 25 years, from the time I left Berkeley in 1979 until the day I was fired in 2005, I have been on someone’s payroll, nonstop. I took one vacation that lasted three weeks, one that lasted two weeks, and otherwise contented myself with one-week vacations, maybe one every six months. When I was working, it was not unusual to work until 10 every night. When it became possible to work on a computer at home, I started coming home earlier–and working there. I was late for everything that involved my family. My inner dreams and burning desires were subordinated to my jobs.


My life has a backstory now. “For 25 years, he worked in Los Angeles, telling its stories and making news. He spearheaded the City of LA’s recycling program, and worked to create LA County’s Department of Children and Family Services. He was a PR machine, a writer of press releases, speeches, crisis plans, even Internet sites. He knew all the top reporters in town, and had powerful clients. And then one day, in a miscarriage of justice that is yet to be redeemed, all of that was taken away from him. His reputation was trashed. He had to start all over again. He had to rediscover his life.”

Bob Timmermann is one of those smart, witty and polite blog commenters who gets noticed. He used to provide intelligent thoughts here and is a star among the saber-clued at Dodger Thoughts. He's now the regular host at baseball blog The Griddle.

Not a blog, but newly added to the author website roll: Tom Hayden.

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