Cops knock Daily News again

Two more items today on the LAPD blog take issue with stories in the Daily News. First, a watch commander in the Valley continues the department's high-level bristling at Mariel Garza's column about the difficulty her Cal State Northridge students faced trying to get public information at LAPD stations. Vincent Neglia details his contact with the students and writes:

Despite the mutually positive encounter with the student there was one exceptionally worrisome element in the contact. The young woman described that her teacher had suggested to the students that they could earn a good grade on the project if they were to get themselves arrested and see the law enforcement function from the inside. I was amazed that a college teacher would suggest such a thing. I clearly and distinctly cautioned the young woman to think that advice through completely before acting on it.

For another view on the LAPD and public info, see TJ Sullivan's Native Intelligence post, "Training tomorrow's reporters isn't easy in L.A."

Next on the LAPD blog, Deputy Chief Michel Moore objects to the DN characterizing him last week as calling the Valley "under siege" from gangs. He posts:

I do NOT believe the San Fernando Valley is presently in a "state of siege" by gang violence....

One, while the levels of violence are unacceptable, their concentrations in the San Fernando Valley are not extreme in comparison to many other parts of the city or region. The use of the term "state of siege" poses the risk of the situation being exaggerated or magnified beyond its actual existence. Such a conclusion can result in people dismissing this as a real problem requiring real action on their part.

Second, the situation we are in can and will be successfully addressed by a sustained effort that disassembles those influences that are contributing to the increase in gang-related violence.

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