Goldstein rates the bloggers

Times Hollywood columnist Patrick Goldstein is given a page in today's print version of The Envelope to deliver his take on four of the bloggers who occupy his space in the Oscar-forecast mediasphere. On Anne Thompson at the Hollywood Reporter's Risky Biz, he says, "Thompson knows the business, so when she deals with the Oscars (only one of the blog's regular topics) she speaks with authority....a must morning read." Regarding the LAT's own Gold Derby, centerpiece of The Envelope on the paper's website, Goldstein doesn't pull his punch: "Reading Tom O'Neil...is like cozying up under the covers to watch a Joan Crawford movie it's a high-camp experience. Though obviously steeped in academy lore, he's the poster boy for the trivialization of Oscar coverage." On Hollywood Elsewhere: "Blogging is supposed to be personal, but too often Jeffrey Wells tells us more than we want to know about what's going on in his life...I admire Wells' pit bull-like tenacity but could do without his delusions of grandeur."

It's Goldstein's review of his frequent critic David Poland's Hot Blog that will probably spark the most counter-response.

David Poland spends most of his time deriding the print media's feeble attempts at covering the award racket. (Full disclosure: I'm a favorite target.) Alas, his own coverage leaves something to be desired....Poland is so dismissive of everyone else's scoops that Wells once wrote that if Jesus Christ floated down from the heavens onto the White House South Lawn, Poland would say, "Is anyone really surprised by this?"

No retort yet from Poland. As for all the others, they aren't mentioned — and even the big four don't get hyperlinks on the Times website page that carries the story.

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