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Morning Buzz: Thursday 11.16.06

L.A. to impose living wage on LAX hotels
The City Council voted 11-3 to require hotels to pay $10.64 an hour in wages and benefits, with lots of lobbying power in the chamber for both sides. It needs approval on second read next week. Councilwoman Jan Perry ducked out at the key moment then returned after the vote. Times, Daily News
Kaiser accused of dumping patients
City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo filed criminal charges of false imprisonment and endangerment over a 63-year-old woman being dropped off on Skid Row to wander in her gown and socks. Times
Law school for UC Irvine
Regents expected to give approval today.
AFTER THE JUMP: Lots of politics notes from City Hall and elsewhere, a little media action, and much more.
Two Schwarzenegger advisers depart the staff
Alan Bersin, the education adviser, and Richard Costigan, who guided legislative strategy. LAT
Council OK's sweet bond deal
Yesterday's Times editorialized against Councilman Tony Cardenas's plan to award the underwriting deal on $150 million in bonds to E.J. De La Rosa & Co., where lobbyist Fernando Guerra is a VP, rather than put it out for the best or cheapest bid. CAO Bill Fujioka also criticized the sweetheart deal. It was approved anyway. Times, LA Weekly.
Jackie Goldberg
Q-&-A'd by Marc Haefele in CityBeat.
Retired cops picket Daily News
They apparently think all coverage of videos and possible abuse must be pro-cop, rather than accurate. They plan to picket at the Times next week.
Less presumptuous than I thought
Councilman Bill Rosendahl's office advises that it wasn't he who labeled his talk on the Westside yesterday a "State of the City speech." It was his hosts, LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce, which always bill the local councilman's annual talk that way.
Guest blogger at LAT
Jordan Rau of the Sacramento bureau is sitting in for Bob Salladay at Political Muscle.
Police beat
Cardenas pleads out, released
William Cardenas, the suspect who got slugged several times by an arresting officer while on the ground in last week's video, pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer. He had been in custody since Aug. 11 so was released.
Leading causes of death in Los Angeles County
The news is that Alzheimer's jumped into the top 10. Chart from the L.A. Times, based on county data.
Deaths per 100,000 population

Coronary heart disease 196
Stroke 51
Lung cancer 38
Emphysema 34
Pneumonia/Influenza 29
Diabetes 26
Colorectal cancer 17
Alzheimer's disease 16
Breast cancer 12
Homicide 10

All rates went down between 1994 and 2003 except for Alzheimer's (+220%) and diabetes (+30%).

Herbalife to move downtown
Its headquarters will go into the office building at L.A. Live. They are currently in Century City.
Big day in Boyle Heights
The Gold Line tunnel will break through (officially) at 1st and Lorena Streets at 10:30 am. Expect politicians.
ACLU chief
National president Nadine Strossen addresses Town Hall Los Angeles for lunch at the Japanese American Museum.

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