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Morning Buzz: Tuesday 4.3.07

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LAPD terrorism unit finally audited
More than a year after the Daily News reported that the LAPD Anti-Terrorist Intelligence Section had not had its mandatory annual audit since 1997, a report found that "officers were allowed into the highly sensitive unit without taking polygraphs, confidential information was sloppily handled, and the Police Commission didn't get required updates." DN The Times version says the unit "received generally high marks...but was faulted for not providing proper documentation to justify some of its investigations." LAT
Hiller acknowledges LAT job cuts coming
But the Times publisher tells NPR that under private ownership the expected savings can be reinvested more smartly than under Wall Street pressures. All Things Considered How's this for a tepid review: "It's generally not wise to sell your house when the market is going to hell in a handbasket," said Barry L. Lucas, an analyst with Gabelli & Co.. "I certainly hope no one else is thinking of doing what Tribune has done. It's a mess." WSJ
He also pinch hits
Andrés Martinez was to serve as moderator of an April 19 Zócalo evening with Times columnists Ron Brownstein, Rosa Brooks and Jonah Goldberg and editorial writer Rob Greene. But now that Martinez has left the building, Publisher David Hiller will do the honors....Speaking of Martinez, a Civic Center wag suggests that he talk to the mayor about starting a guest-department head program in City Hall...
Riordan explains why local ownership would be better
"What do you do when you have to point out to someone that there is no uptown in Los Angeles and the Valley isn’t a place you go camping?” the former mayor tells the New York Times. Also, LAT Op-Ed editor Nick Goldberg on Zell: "It’s scary. The problem is, as of right now we know nothing about the guy. He hasn’t expressed any real philosophy about the company, to my knowledge, or any indication of what he plans to do. We’re just sitting here waiting to hear." NYT
Antonio's school plan goes to court
Yes, appeals courts are still pondering the mayor's legally challenged attempt to gain some control over the LAUSD. The judges asked lots of questions and sounded skeptical.
Who should be L.A.'s gang czar?
Ex-councilman Martin Ludlow is on WitnessLA's short list.
Dark Canyon fire photos
How they became an Internet phenomenon. LAT
Advice for Sam Zell
The former L.A. Times IT worker who blogs at DadTalk tells the new owner of Tribune to get to know the journalists he will employ. Excerpts:
# Pride runs deep. # So does talent, creativity and education. # Many are stubborn. # And will resist new ideas. # Many believe they’re trying to save the world. # In other words, you have a lot of idealists on your hands. # Some do not like capitalism but respect it. Others love it. Some don’t care one way or the other. # Left and right matter less than a really, really good story.
Emmanuelle Richard answers questions
Kate stays within her circle of friends for the latest FishbowlLA interview.
Women take more abuse on web
Anonymous commenters are especially harsh, of course. Eat the Press analyzes Joan Walsh's Salon piece.
Remembering the 1984 traffic miracle
Why freeway congestion vanished during the last Los Angeles Olympics. Bottleneck Blog
Weisman on WWLA
Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts filled the Reporter's Notebook spot for Warren Olney on Monday's Which Way, L.A.? to discuss Opening Day. I talked about Sam Zell and the Times in the main segment.

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