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Morning Buzz: Tuesday 6.19.07

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Delgadillo clarifies his clarification
Both Rocky and Michelle Delgadillo drove without car insurance, his staff admitted following yesterday's news conference where the City Attorney said otherwise. "Due to the confusing nature of the facts in this situation, I misspoke today," he said in a statement. Also: "I apologize and take full responsibility for the lapse in my personal insurance." Steve Lopez writes that Delgadillo shouldn't have talked after all, and the Times editorial page drops its Rocky Watch gimmick. Meanwhile, rules barring family members from driving city cars may not apply to elected officials. LA Observed contributor Bill Boyarsky is quoted as an ethics commissioner in the Times story. LAT, DN
Bratton's second term expected today
It's inevitable. DN
Things still bad at King-Drew
Times runs a couple of stories saying that a lot has not yet gotten better under new management.
Spector lawyer in contempt
Sara Caplan, who used to represent Phil Spector, gets jail after refusing to testify about whether forensic expert Henry Lee removed anything from the crime scene. She remains free on appeal. LAT
New Oscar voters
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences offers membership to, among others, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Hudson, Steve Carrell, Daniel Craig, Ryan Gosling, Aaron Eckhart and Peter Morgan. LAT
What's up at the Signal
Senior editor Leon Worden leaves the Santa Clarita paper and opens up to SCVTalk about why the senior execs are all leaving the Signal.
Arax departure news in Fresno
Reporter Mark Arax and the Times reached a confidential agreement for him to leave the paper "to forestall a lawsuit alleging defamation and discrimination," his lawyer says in the Fresno Bee. Times publisher David Hiller said in a statement:
I want to emphasize that Mark's decision to leave the paper is not a reflection on his professional work in reporting on Armenian genocide, or in communicating with the paper to ensure our adherence to established policy in referring to the genocide, all of which are journalistically appropriate. We regret that the situation surrounding Mark's story became a subject of controversy and misunderstanding. The Times does not tolerate any discrimination in the reporting or editing of the news based on ethnic heritage or other basis and our internal review found no such discrimination in this case.
Oldest Van Nuys house threatened
The owner of the bungalow at 14628 Sylvan Street apparently wants to demolish the home built before the first day of land sales in Van Nuys on Feb. 22, 1911. Supporters of preserving the home will hold a news conference there at 9 am.
Unhappy convergence
Paris, Kobe and Reggie the alligator all come together for L.A. writer and journalism professor Jay Berman in a Sacramento Bee opinion piece the Times passed on.
Sitrick on 'The Business"
Claude Brodesser-Akner had PR exec Mike Sitrick on his KCRW show yesterday to comment on the latest spate of celebrity scandals. Listen to it.

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