Fox 11's John Schwada takes up a blog

Schwada, centerThe talent at Channel 11 has been strongly encouraged to blog for MyFox LA, the branding given the station's website. Reporter John Schwada has taken to it easier than most of the others. Perhaps not surprisingly, since he comes from a print background — he's been a reporter at the Times and the late Herald Examiner. From a recent post:

Writing a blog you have to decide which one of your personas is going to make a guest appearance.

Will it be the overly-caffeinated demon, the easy-going story-teller, the even-handed journalist….the father of two boys, the husband of an Iranian-American, the child of the Midwest raised on tales of hardship, the rabble-rousing Berkeley student?

All of these little voices are talking in my head, vying for the post-position when the fingers hit the typewriter. Right now, I’m not sure who’s winning…

But I do need to blog. I have ruefully ruminated in this space before that we Fox folks do this for no extra pay, only, in my case, to quiet the cacophony of voices hurtling around my brain like so many asteroids. Call it therapeutic.


The first time my wife met Barack Obama she told him: "Gosh you're such an incredibly nice man. I’m just worried that you're too nice to be president." He laughed, embraced her and said something immemorable.

Schwada covers politics almost full-time during the season and most of his blog posts are observations on the campaigns he's covering. The photo above shows Schwada between senior producer Bob Tarlau and cameraman Gino Arrias in New Hampshire last month. StrogovTarlau has a blog, anchor Christine Devine has a blog, so do reporters Hal Eisner, Gigi Graciette, Liz Habib and others. They show varying dedication to the task, shall we say. The site also is slow to respond and generally hard to use. But general assignment reporter Leelila Strogov's blog has been going since November, and she at least seems into it. Strogov, pictured, founded Swink Magazine, writes fiction and essays, and in a previous life was senior vice president of business development for Juno Online Services.

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