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Morning Buzz: Thursday 3.20.08

Villaraigosa takes a furlough day

The mayor asked other employees to do it, so today he goes off the books and will lose $858.26 in gross pay. He still has a full plate of public events scheduled. DN wires

Geraldine Ferraro didn't like being in Obama speech

Continuing her appearances in the Daily Breeze, the former VP candidate responds to being mentioned alongside the Rev. Jeremiah Wright: "To equate what I said with what this racist bigot has said from the pulpit is unbelievable," Ferraro said. "He gave a very good speech on race relations, but he did not address the fact that this man is up there spewing hatred." Breeze

Is Donald Sterling's Skid Row center real?

Despite all the ads proclaiming it and related hubbub, Patrick Range McDonald writes, "Sterlingís vow to help the homeless is looking more like a troubling, ego-inflating gimmick dreamed up by a very rich man with a peculiar public-relations sense...From homeless-services operators to local politicians, no one has received specifics for the proposed Sterling Homeless Center. They arenít the least bit convinced that the project exists." LA Weekly

Racial edge to killings called real despite Bratton

Deputy district attorney Anthony Manzella, who prosecuted the Mexican Mafia, says "I agree with the chief that the fact that the Mexican Mafia wants to ethnically cleanse their neighborhoods does not mean that the city has a larger racial problem. But thereís no question that among Hispanic gangs the Mafia gave orders a long time ago that the Surenos were supposed to move African Americans out of Hispanic neighborhoods. Thereís no question about that. Thatís documented." Adds Joe Hicks of Community Advocates, Inc.:

Iím still a bit amused at broader claims that there are no racial implications to what weíre seeing from Watts to South Central to the Valley. And Iím sure Chief Bratton is aware of that information also. Heís a very bright guy.

Annette Stark in CityBeat

U.S. Attorney defends disbanding corruption unit

"I guarantee that we will be filing more public corruption and civil rights cases than we have in the past," says Thomas O'Brien. Lawyers in the unit, however, say they are being punished for bad-mouthing the boss. LAT, Last week's post

Jervey Tervalon on Obama's Rev

What Obama is, and where he comes from, can be somewhat difficult to explain to middle-class Americans, Tervalon writes. But it's OK because many blacks have a Jeremiah Wright in their past and are better men for it. LA Weekly

Budget crisis in City Hall, says Zine

Councilman Dennis Zine tells CityBeat he has called for eliminating the paid Board of Public Works and the consolidation of the Department of Aging, Disability, Commission on Status of Women, Children and Families and Immigrant Relations into a Department of Human Services. CityBeat

Are you at all worried that this is going to reflect on upcoming elections?

Reelection is not for another year.

But people will remember.

No, they donít remember. They donít remember September 11 when New York was attacked. People forget. We used to have flags everywhere and a sense of people coming together as a country. People have a quick lapse of memory, so Iím not worried about that. Itís not about reelection. Itís about whatís right for the city.

Union keeps up fight against SWAT women, other changes

Statement from Tim Sands, president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, says that "for reasons that have nothing to do with our competence, professionalism or success, but have everything to do with public relations and political correctness, the department is unilaterally planning to make changes that will threaten the strength and capability of SWAT moving forward." LAT

Upset over Boyle Heights mural

Some think the mural going up at the Hollenbeck police station has too many stereotypes about Latinos and the neighborhood. Some don't. "It's very contentious and dynamic in Boyle Heights," says neighborhood council president Robert Jimenez. "There's differences along linguistic lines and nationality. You have homeowner versus renter, English versus Spanish." LAT

Tom LaBonge for mayor of Hollywood

He is Patt Morrison's nominee. LAT Op-Ed

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