Pellicano's closing argument 'a classic'

The Huffington Post's Allison Hope Weiner means it sarcastically:

Jettisoning the whole John Adams "fact is a stubborn thing" quote used by Mr. Saunders yesterday, Mr. Pellicano went with his own founding father--Benjamin Franklin. "Benjamin Franklin said that the only way to keep a secret when three people are involved is if two people are dead." And so, he launched into a summary of exactly how he ran his business. "There was no criminal enterprise," Mr. Pellicano argued. There was just a private investigator who was also an audio expert solving problems for his clients through the analysis of information. And of course, there was an end goal. "Winning," said Mr. Pellicano, "that's what it was all about." He proudly stated that his business cards should have read "I deliver." Noting with a smile to the jury that that's exactly what Mr. Pellicano did "not only private celebrity clients but for law enforcement" for over thirty years.

Mr. Pellicano then addressed the testimony during the trial from his immunized employees and clients who all agreed on one thing--he was secretive. "Mr. Pellicano never allowed clients to know what he was doing and for good reason," said Mr. Pellicano about himself. A statement that undoubtedly gave the government a chance to smile. And then, he said what everyone at this trial already knows, but what the government didn't manage to prove about Mr. Pellicano's clients--"Everyone who hired him knew what they were getting."


And then, there were his final comments to the jury--probably the most entertaining final close that I've ever heard. "Mr. Pellicano refuses to insult your intelligence," he said of himself. "Mr. Pellicano told you that the evidence will show what the evidence shows and it clearly does." And, that's a fact Jack.

More from this morning's session over there.

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