Daily News shrinks again

Sunday's four-page Viewpoint section will collapse next weekend into two pages (to be labeled Opinionated) inside the front section. The Sunday Wall Street Journal section will also disappear, along with four pages of the television guide. Through the week, more cuts will roll out — including what's left of the Daily News Business pages folding into the front section and the relatively new part two of the paper going away. There will be an explanatory note in this Sunday's Viewpoint. Here's the staff memo from recently arrived editor Carolina Garcia, with errors as I found them:


Here is an outline of the changes we are making to the paper that begin on 6/22 and end on 6/29. We'll have notes to readers explaining the changes as they unfold.

Thanks all for your help in making these chagnes.


Sunday, June 22

Short editorial in Viewpoint – goodbye and coming changes (Chris)

Editor's note in Sunday WSJ – last section and changes to business for the rest of the week (Melissa)

What we are running on 6/22 from Chris in Viewpoint

At the Daily News, the necessities of the current economy are prompting some much-needed reinvention in our opinion pages.

This week marks the last edition of Viewpoint, the four-page, Sunday opinion section you're reading right now. Steep increases in the price of newsprint make the continued publication of this section prohibitively expensive.

But the loss of Viewpoint has compelled us to look ahead, and make changes that a shifting readership and evolving media climate would have made necessary sooner or later anyway.

So, starting next Sunday, May 29, we will be unveiling a new, two-page opinion section. It's called Opinionated, and you will be able to find it in the back of the newspaper's front section, where the weekday opinion pages usually appear.

But Opinionated will be very different from the daily opinion page — indeed, it will be different from anything you've seen in a newspaper before. It will be all that your typical op-ed page is not — reader-driven, interactive, fast-paced, funny and aesthetically pleasing.

It will also vary from week to week. One week, Opinionated might be loaded with quick bites; the next might include a longer, more thoughtful take on a particular subject. The news will drive the format — and not the other way around.

Meanwhile, your favorite Sunday columnists will still be with us. Doug McIntyre's column will move to Wednesdays, and Bill O'Reilly's will start appearing on Fridays alongside Maureen Dowd.

It's good-bye to one era, and hello to a new one. We thank you, in advance, for your patience during this transition. And we invite you to help us along with your thoughts, your suggestions, even your criticisms.

So be on the lookout for "Opinionated" next Sunday — and enjoy.

Other days after the jump.

Monday. 6/23

Monday Valley Inc. changes to BUSINESS and moves inside A with 2 pages.

Requesting a right hand page, w/ color

Classified becomes a section front

Short editors note on business page explaining change (Melissa, should detail where columnists will run, etc.)

Promo from 1A to LOCAL business news inside

Short 1A editor's note explaining changes for the week related to business. (CG)


Know kills

Two consecutive BUSINESS pages move inside A, with beefed-up local content

Requesting a right hand page, w/ color

Classified becomes a section front

Short editor's note runs on business page, details when columnists will appear (Ken Lloyd, etc.)


Know kills

Two consecutive BUSINESS pages move inside A, with beefed-up local content

Requesting a right hand page, w/ color


Know kills

Two consecutive BUSINESS pages move inside A, with more local content

Requesting a right hand page, w/ color

Still seeking a home for the mini-page; classified cannot take it.

Friday – Drive, no change

TV Book prototypes should arrive (Melissa pls review)

Saturday – Faith, no change

Sunday – 6/29

1A note to readers explaining changes to Viewpoint and SWSJ (CG)


Stand alone section kills

Two facing pages for editorials/opinions/letters

Announced change to readers 6/23

No editor's note.

Promo to section from 1A

Sunday Business/WSJ

Sunday Business kills

Two consecutive BUSINESS pages move inside A

Beefed up home sales transactions move to Sunday Real Estate section

News Quiz kills


Go from 16 to 12 tab pages

Contacted Tribune Media for prototypes

Kill cover and back page

Cut 6 a.m. –noon time for Sat. and Sunday.

Ad spots available inside and on cover page

Launch date: 6/29

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