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Morning Buzz: Monday 6.23.08

Paparazzo attacked by Malibu surfers

Looks like a couple of beach skirmishes over the weekend, triggered by photos of actor Matthew McConaughey. LAT, TMZ, X17

On the water front

The DWP at 10:30 am will unveil a new use for recycled sewage water in the Valley, the Daily News refers to its previous "toilet-to-tap" slogan as dubiously dubbed, L.A. Sniper gives David Nahai a deadline to turn over his water bills or face a lawsuit, and Los Angeles magazine has posted my politics story about Nahai.

Villaraigosa to perform gay marriage

The mayor will officiate this afternoon at the City Hall ceremony of movie producer Bruce Cohen and art consultant Gabriel Catone.

Key line missing from LAT's Kozinski story

Patterico says the story that broke the news on Judge Alex Kozinski's web stash of images and jokes no longer contains the statement that the material includes "themes of defecation and urination." The line is gone without explanation, Patterico says, but he makes the case that it never belonged there to begin with. Patterico

Steve Lopez on Zell

I'm hoping to get video or audio of Times columnist Steve Lopez blasting Sam Zell at the Press Club awards on Saturday night, but Alan Mittelstaedt picks up a snippet that includes the f-word. Mittelstaedt, still filling in at Witness L.A., also predicts in the post that Zell will finish the job of emasculating the Times "and avoid jail time by copping an insanity plea," the Daily News continues to sink, CityBeat closes in six months and Ron Kaye's blog sputters out around the filing deadline for next year's city elections. Also, advice for the Times and more details on Jamiel Shaw coverage. Witness LA

Steve Lopez 'angry' about Villaraigosa trip

When a newspaper columnist claims to be angry, you never know how real it is. Decide for yourself. LAT

No national template, Abrams says

The Zell newspapers will likely share elements of the new Orlando redesign, but each paper will do its own thing, the Tribune innovation chief says. WSJ

Somebody likes the Los Angeles contest

Rip Rense offers a spirited defense of the magazine's greatest thing about L.A. selections that I found lame.

AP entertainment coverage

Here's blog coverage of a meeting in Los Angeles to introduce Associated Press' new ramped-up entertainment reporting. Mayo PR

Books by L.A. journalists

Edward Humes, author of "Over Here: How the G.I. Bill Transformed The American Dream," was on CBS Sunday Morning talking about the anniversary of the G.I. Bill. The L.A. Times' Sunday Book Review led with "Claim of Privilege: A Mysterious Plane Crash, a Landmark Supreme Court Case, and the Rise of State Secrets," by Barry Siegel, the former Times writer who runs the literary journalism program at UC Irvine. The LAT also wrote about "Master of the Mysteries," a biography of occult scholar Manly Palmer Hall by Times staff writer Louis Sahagun.

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