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Morning Buzz: Monday 2.2.09

  • Measure B could end costing double what current estimates say, according to a DWP draft audit obtained by Rick Orlov. And the Times' David Zahniser got documents showing that DWP chief David Nahai began discussing the solar plan with proponents nearly a year ago and requested information from the DWP employee union that conceived the idea. DN, LAT
  • There's a federal civil rights investigation into LAPD officers accused of lying under oath in a drug possession case that was dismissed last year when a videotape sharply contradicted their testimony. LAT
  • The Daily News and other LANG papers ran an unusual front-page editorial saying "the once great state of California today becomes a national disgrace" over the political gridlock that has created a budget crisis. DN
    Californians should be furious. We are....This inaction is so serious that it threatens the economic stability of every resident and business of this state.
  • Villaraigosa legal advisor Thomas Saenz is being considered for an unnamed Obama Administration post. Orlov/Daily News
  • Roundup by David Zahniser and new Times City Hall reporter Maeve Reston says wins on March 3 by allies Villaraigosa, Weiss and Greuel would "usher in a major change in mood from the current environment at City Hall," where the current citywide office holders are a bit more wary of each other. LAT
  • This "could turn out to be the worst election in the history of Los Angeles," says Downtown News editor Jon Regardie.
  • That chemical smell that closed down a subway station downtown over the MLK holiday weekend came from the Standard Hotel, which is in trouble. LAT
  • Was Bernard Parks pushed off the MTA board or did he walk? Betty Pleasant examines the evidence. CityWatch
  • Assemblyman Ed Hernandez of West Covina announced he will run for the state Senate seat where Gloria Romero is being termed out. SGV Tribune
  • Sasha Anawalt posted on Facebook that she has "resigned from the Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission in protest over the treatment of artists."
  • Angels Flight has now been closed for eight years this time around. Downtown News
  • Sean Carasso writes about his experiences as a 25-year-old who met Congolese warlord Laurent Nkunda in the jungle. Falling Whistles
  • Burbank officials placed a time capsule in a bridge on Magnolia Boulevard 50 years ago — to be opened Feb. 5, 2009 — that predicted atomic power and a monorail. Daily Mirror
  • At the end of Times travel writer Christopher Reynolds' nice Sunday piece on driving 1,136 miles of California coast, he gets a speeding ticket just shy of the Oregon border. LAT
  • A former writer for the Times' Homeroom blog is discouraged that it has gone away. The American Crawl
  • The Daily Breeze offices moved down the street in Torrance this weekend. Breeze
  • Eileen Truax is blogging her Los Angeles spottings and observations in Spanish for La Opinión under a banner loosely translated as Look What I Found.
  • The Recessionista blog gives tips on shopping, dining out and entertaining, mostly for Angelenos. Blog
  • Print and digital images from 11 Los Angeles-based photographers in a show called "L8S ANG3LES" will open the new Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City.

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