Pellicano's Karl Rove 'connection'

While director John McTiernan awaits a new indictment over his use of wiretapper Anthony Pellicano in a divorce case, he's pushing a new documentary that alleges the Pellicano prosecution was part of a Bush Administration plot to undermine Hillary Clinton that was led by Karl Rove. The NYT's Michael Cieply gets a great quote from Rove's people.

Sheena Tahilramani, a representative for Mr. Rove, said that he had not seen the documentary — but that he was not without an opinion about its claims.

“Accepting Mr. McTiernan’s wild theory requires not only the suspension of willing disbelief, but of all mental activity,” Ms. Tahilramani wrote in an e-mail message. “I suspect Secretary Clinton and Mr. Rove are in agreement that Mr. McTiernan is off his rocker.”

McTiernan, who directed “Die Hard” and “The Hunt for Red October,” is the Pellicano defendant who pleaded guilty to lying to a federal agent, was sentenced to four months in prison, then withdrew his plea to take his chances in court.

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