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Lee Abrams innovates his hobby

leeabramsfood.jpgRemember Sam Zell's chief innovation officer, the irrepressible Lee Abrams? Turns out he has been a pilot since he was 17, and like many hobbyist pilots across the U.S. he flies somewhere just to have lunch. It's a hoary cliche of the fraternity. But as Tribune's official thinker-in-residence, Abrams can make innovation happen. So on the schedule at Tribune's WGN, there's now a show in which Abrams flies to a city in the Midwest, eats lunch, and — wait for it... — tells you what he thinks. From the Sky Dives website:

Who came up with the concept of Sky Dives?

Lee Abrams had to make it a formal program, but he has been going on flying lunch trips for over 30 years; approximately 40 trips a year. That’s over 1200 trips just to eat!

Yeah, Tribune will be innovating it's way out of bankruptcy a-n-y day now...

Speaking of: At Native Intelligence, Bob Baker imagines a more risqué innovation at Zell's Los Angeles Times.

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