In praise of the San Marcos blanket

san-marcos-blanket.jpgVictoria Delgadillo at the LA Eastside blog explains the December relationship many Angelenos have with their San Marcos blankets — the big thick colorful cobijas that sometimes double as art works. She posts about her San Marcos: "It is so deluxe that each year I have to make a special trek to the laundromat and use one of those industrial washers to clean it."

For those of you who do not know someone on the eastside, more than likely you have never seen a plush, faux-mink blanket from Korea called a San Marcos. These blankets come in the most garish colors and eye-hurting mural prints such as wolves, elephants, Statue of Liberty, cheetahs, Raiders logo, Elvis, Scarface, pandas, zebras stripes, American Flag, Tupac, y La Virgen to name some. One blanket can take up a whole closet when stored—but they are the warmest, snuggliest and cozy luxury on cold winter nights.

Here's an earlier affectionate post to her San Marcos blanket from the blogger at Son Mis Locuras.

Also at LA Eastside: Photographer-blogger Doña Junta posts pictures of the exteriors of old bars around L.A. and ponders are the paisa bars disappearing?

Photo: LA Eastside

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