that's aggressive even for him — and also says that motion picture academy president Tom Sherak should be fired "if he continues to feed her any information."" /> David Poland goes nuclear on Finke * - LA Observed

David Poland goes nuclear on Finke *

Reacting apparently to Nikki Finke posting details of Sunday's Oscar telecast, Hollywood blogger David Poland has posted a "Crazy Nikki" rant that's aggressive even for him — and also says that motion picture academy president Tom Sherak should be fired "if he continues to feed her any information." Poland's pique is both at Finke and at the Hollywood bosses who supply her with inside dirt, or as Poland seems to imply, who trade with her for favorable treatment. Sample:

Nikki is the jackass in the movie theater who keeps loudly telling her friend what’s about to happen in the movie. No one could be that much of an idiot while conscious of themselves. But when you politely ask them to stop [ruining] the movie, they snarl at you like you were imposing on their moral rights.

She is the scumbag who picks fights in bars and when someone takes them up on it, scolds them for even thinking of hitting someone with glasses.

And every woman in this town who has worked hard and fought for what they have should be especially enraged by Nikki, as she loves to hide behind being female as a reason why no one should ever question her. Sexism is her go-to screed. And it’s utter nonsense. She is an outright embarrassment to women who add something to the industry.


It’s time for people in this town to grow some balls and to respond to Ms. FInke like the half-pint playground bully she is....The only power Nikki Finke has or has ever had is the weakness of those who indulge her.

I wonder which will get the most attention at Oscar parties tonight, this or the Today show story on Finke this morning or the public fight that Finke picked with Sharon Waxman earlier this week. Big week for the reclusive Finkester.

* And more: Deadline's Nellie Andreeva says that HBO is dropping plans for "Tilda," the show that was based on a blogger not unlike Finke. But: "While Tilda was conceived and developed without Finke's knowledge or involvement, word is HBO is still interested in a show about her, this time with her on board from the beginning."

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