Time capsule: 1st Street and Broadway in 1950s


I was poking around in the Los Angeles Public Library photo collection for any pictures of City Cafe circa 1980s to put with the Feniger-Milliken post earlier. This Downtown baby popped up instead. It shows the northwest corner of 1st and Broadway where the Times Mirror corporation later built its headquarters as an extension of the L.A. Times building. The rooftop billboard for the new 1954 Ford dates it for us. From the caption info:

Looking southeast across the intersection of S. Broadway (right) and W. First Street (running from left to right, foreground), showing various restaurants, including Ogee's (center) and Mexico City Cafe (right), storefronts, the 1935 Los Angeles Times Building by Gordon B. Kaufmann (upper left), and other office buildings. All of the structures surrounding the Los Angeles Times Building were later demolished and replaced with the Los Angeles Times Building extension in 1972, designed by William Pereira.

redwood-door.jpgNot mentioned is the Redwood House, next to the Times building. You can see a bit of the sign. The saloon later moved to 2nd Street and is still open, if hipsterized. (Left.) Below, the block today.

This view shows the same block today, in the foreground, but looking east (more or less) from the top of Bunker Hill. The corner shown in the 1950s photo is to the left.


Top photo: Los Angeles Public Library. Bottom two photos: LA Observed. Click any photo to enlarge.

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