News of Arco's demise greatly exaggerated

Some Arco gas stations in Southern California will change ownership, and possibly the brand they sell under, but the longtime Arco brand will remain on, oh, about 790 stations. "It's been blown way out of proportion," BP spokesman Scott Dean says. Here's the Daily Breeze story, and below our email from Dean.

There are some erroneous and misleading reports in the news about ARCO leaving California. The facts are that ARCO is a very strong brand and is here to stay. There are nearly 900 ARCO branded stations in Southern California operated by ARCO’s independent dealers and franchisees. In addition, ARCO Franchises operate over 100 Thrifty branded sites leased by ARCO from Thrifty Oil Company. Out of nearly 1000 retail sites in California who sell ARCO gasoline only 257 sites were leased by BP from Thrifty Oil Company. Unfortunately BP’s lease agreement with Thrifty Oil Company for the 257 leased sites will expire starting April of 2012. There will be more than 700 ARCO branded sites, ownedand operated by ARCO dealers that will continue to operate under ARCO brand.

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