There's a new Wonkette in town

rebecca-wonkette.jpgRebecca Schoenkopf, the former editor of the CityBeat weekly in Los Angeles and a longtime blogger as Commie Girl (as well as other journalistic pursuits), is the new owner and editor of Wonkette. That's the political blog started long ago and made famous by the salacious stylings of East Coast journalist Ana Marie Cox. Most recently it has been the realm of Ken Layne. Schoenkopf, who can do salacious and political (and funny), announces on the blog:

Layne is fine. He is just old and tired and hates all of you, each, individually. And so I am here to bring some laughter and love to your marathon sessions sitting on your couch, “looking” for “work.” (Dope and Cheetos.)

My qualifications for purchasing and running Your Wonkette include a sunny disposition, bountiful compassion, terrific spelling, middling wit, and the fact that I was unhindered by any sort of job that might have impeded my ability to type dick jokes on the Internet....

As to the rest of the site, all the bloggers you know and love will continue until I have run it into the ground and can’t afford to pay them anymore, which is part of my SECRET PLAN to turn Wonkette into the one thing I’ve always really wanted: a Mommy Blog. Sometimes I will be tender, and occasionally bemused, and when you’re really lucky I will put my fists on my hips and be wryly FED UP! How charmed we shall all be by the sweet antics of and darnedest things said by whichever tyke I have stolen off the bus. Who said Los Angeles has no public transportation?

Schoenkopf provides a primer on herself for the media elite.

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