Kudos for the Aurora police dispatcher

Jack Dunphy, the LAPD veteran who blogs anonymously for a number of conservative political websites, listens to the audio on the Aurora, Colorado shootings and gives huge credit to the unidentified woman on the radio. From his piece at PJ Media:

She was nowhere near the Century 16 theater in Aurora, Colorado, early Friday morning. She didn’t confront the killer or stanch any wounds or drive any of the injured to the hospital. She didn’t wade through the wave of panicked, fleeing people to enter that gas-filled auditorium and bring order to the chaos. She did none of these things, yet she should be counted among the heroes of that horrible night. She was the calm voice when one was most needed....

As the information flowed from the officers to the dispatcher, as the requests for police and rescue personnel to respond to one location and then another and another accumulated with maddening speed, as the anguished voices of the wounded filtered over the radio, this remarkable woman processed it all as calmly and efficiently as if she dealt with this sort of thing every night of her life. She communicated with her officers, with the fire department, and, as the scale of the incident became apparent, with officers from Denver and the other surrounding cities that sent people to help....

Through it all, one police dispatcher helped guide the massive response that would see hundreds of police and rescue personnel rush to the scene. I’ve been a cop in a big city for more than 30 years. I’ve seen a lot of things but never anything quite like this. From what I’ve seen it looks as though the Aurora Police Department acquitted itself well in handling this most challenging situation. In due season the tales of heroism among the officers will emerge, but when the accolades are bestowed there will be no one more deserving than that one voice on the radio. She could not have handled it better. May we soon know her name, may she get the praise and thanks she very much deserves.

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