Mythbusting the Broad conspiracy to ruin MOCA

eli_broad_museum_plans.jpgWilliam Poundstone writes at Artinfo that the whole notion of Eli Broad trying to run the Museum of Contemporary Art into the ground — supposedly to benefit his new museum being erected across the street — is uninformed, illogical and should just go away. Frequent MOCA critic Tyler Green agrees, posting on Facebook: "This is fantastic. I wish I'd written it." Excerpt:

The “Broad Conspiracy” is the belief that Eli Broad wants MOCA to fail. It has quickly become the art world’s birther theory, an all-but-unfalsifiable claim that Broad is scheming for MOCA’s demise so that he can merge MOCA into his own Grand Avenue museum or otherwise acquire its art. In this urban legend Jeffrey Deitch is the Manchurian Candidate, or maybe Roger De Bris in The Producers. “Fire in the Disco” would be the scheme’s “Springtime for Hitler.”


There are plenty of reasons to be unhappy with the recent doings at MOCA. Be unhappy for the real reasons, not the fantasy ones.

Rendering: Broad's museum on Bunker Hill

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