Now that's close: Measure J falls 0.56 percent short

Also: Measure J, the transit tax extension, ends with 66.11 percent of the vote, and needed 66.66 percent to pass. How close did it come? If you take the 2,863,951 votes cast, and go out to six decimal places to determine two-thirds (.666667), a switch of 15,961 no votes to yes would have passed the measure.


The last update was posted Sunday, Dec. 2 at 2:20 p.m.

On the other county measures, the new condom mandate in adult films (Measure B) passed 57-43 percent. Measure A, the advisory question of whether voters want the county Assessor to be appointed rather than elected, the no answer got 78 percent.

President Obama's final vote share in Los Angeles County was 69.72 percent to 27.84 percent for Mitt Romney.

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