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Garcetti taking questions today on Reddit's LA page

garcetti-reddit.jpgMayoral candidate Eric Garcetti is sitting today for what the Reddit online community calls an AMA. He posted about two hours ago: "Hi I'm Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles City Councilmember and candidate for Mayor. Ask me anything. I will be back around 4:00 PT to answer your questions." This is the link.

Some of the questions waiting for him:

The entertainment industry, one of the biggest employers of our city, seems to be moving out of Los Angeles and California into other parts of our nation that that welcomes them with Tax brakes and other incentives. What would you do as mayor to keep these jobs in Los Angeles? Thank you for your time!

Many young voters use cannabis policy as a litmus test to judge to common sense and integrity of political candidates. Frankly, sir, your record on this issue is troublesome. Your fellow councilman Bill Rosendahl uses medical cannabis to ease his pain from cancer, why do you continue to promote and endorse archaic drug policy?

If you had been in villaraigosa's seat for the past 8 years, what would you have done differently? similarly, how would your tenure as mayor differ from that of wendy greuel or jan perry?

Thank you doing this AMA. How do you plan to deal with the rising cost of LA city's pensions? Do you believe in pension reform? For that matter, do you believe in publicly financed campaigns to remove corporate and union influences on politics? Thanks in advance.

Thank you for doing this AMA!

I was very impressed by your willingness to take an actual stance on the Westside Subway Extension in the recent debate near Beverly Hills

I know you had mentioned supporting several rail projects. Are there any specific projects that you'd like to see built which haven't yet reached the planning stages?
Also, you have mentioned that you would try to end homelessness in LA. What steps would you take towards that goal?

How do you feel about the LA city council being paid more than congress when LA is the only major metropolis, other than Detroit, that cant afford to keep its main library branch open. Especially since you guys just vote with the mayor 99% of the time.

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