Lt. Garcetti standing down on the active Navy Reserve thing

garcetti-in-whites.jpgMayor Eric Garcetti announced today that he will be concluding his active service with the Navy Reserve at the end of the year. He is scheduled to fulfill his two-week annual drill commitment starting this week. The statement from Garcetti's office:


"It has been a privilege to serve with the reserve component of the United States Navy since 2005, and I am proud that the voters of Los Angeles supported me in that service when electing me as Mayor. I have been honored to serve alongside some of our nation's finest men and women and am grateful for the skills and experience I have gained, which have strengthened my work as an elected official," Mayor Garcetti said.

"My Navy service obligation will be fulfilled by the end of the year. In preparation, I have informed my commanding officer that it is my intention to transfer to the Inactive Ready Reserve. IRR members have no drill obligation, but retain their rank in the Navy and are able to resume drilling in the future."

The way that's worded, I assume that Garcetti will still be spending the two weeks on drill time this summer.

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