Eric Garcetti rated one of America's most dateable mayors

Thumbnail image for garcetti-wakeland-doting-gary.jpgAmy Wakeland with her husband, Eric Garcetti. Gary Leonard photo.

The art and craft of the listicle — the web features that serve as link bait for countless websites — hits something of a new low with this from a site called The Date Report. America’s 5 Most Dateable Mayors gushes all over Los Angeles's own Eric Garcetti and declares him one of "the five most datable, crushable American mayors."

Rahm Emanuel of Chicago is first, then comes Jean Stothert of Omaha. After her it's Garcetti's turn. He is "exactly what you’d expect [sic] the Mayor of Los Angeles; a renaissance man with perfect teeth who’s done basically everything cool ever. Prior to being elected real mayor a few months ago, he played one on TV as a guest star in The Closer. In his spare time he scratches his creative itch as an accomplished photographer, jazz pianist and composer. He lived abroad while completing his Masters degree from the London School of Economics, and he moonlights as a Lieutenant in the US Navy reserves. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he’s handsome enough to be cast in a primetime television show and that he’s bros with Will Ferrell."

The love goes on:

He’s your type if you like

• those charming (obnoxious) people who are good at everything they try
• having time to yourself -how could he possibly fit you into all of that?
• a yoga-loving, electric car-driving hipster who lives in Silverlake [sic]

What there is none of is any mention that this mega-dateable Garcetti is married. And a father.

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