Heal the Bay FAQ's on Japanese radiation: Safe to swim and eat fish

fukushima-detector-healthebay.jpgHeal the Bay has been hearing from so many people concerned about reports of radioactive contamination in the ocean here that it posted some questions and answers. The bottom line, says the environmental group: it's safe to go in the water, pick up tsunami debris on the beach and to eat fish. Some of the fears no doubt have been caused by the sharing on Facebook of an overheated story and completely fake map saying that contamination from the leaking Fukushima nuclear plant is affecting the waters and fish ac ross the Pacific Ocean.

From Heal the Bay:

Avoiding fish species caught in Japanese waters may be a good idea for those that have heightened concerns. We suggest that if you are worried about eating fish with elevated radioactivity, you should avoid fish coming from Japan. Fish caught off our local coastal waters as well as our northern and southern borders are safe to eat. Open ocean currents disperse radiation throughout the Pacific and will not impact local, non-migratory fish stocks. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently screening all imported goods from Japan for radiation and does not anticipate any public health effect on seafood safety.

By the way, Heal the Bay's annual beach cleanup day is coming on Sept. 21.

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Heal the Bay FAQ's on Japanese radiation: Safe to swim and eat fish
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