True story: Sen. John McCain calls Dodgers 'overpaid...spoiled brats'

Arizona Sen. John McCain proved to be a sore loser again. After some of the Arizona Diamondbacks and the state's media got their feathers ruffled when the Dodgers went for a celebratory swim in the Phoenix stadium, McCain or his designated tweeter harrumphed in his name.

gonzalez-kemp-in-pool-lad.jpgIn case you missed it, after winning the National League West title last night in the D-backs ballpark, and after the stadium had largely emptied, some of the Dodgers ran out to the outfield stands and jumped in the pool. No one else was using it. A lot of people in baseball including some of the Diamondbacks don't have any objection, but some in Arizona clearly do. Though I suspect mostly it's about being beaten by LA. After all, if you have a pool in your stadium, you are not exactly a baseball purist.

From ESPN baseball columnist Buster Olney, who sees zero disrespect toward Arizona or the Diamondbacks in the Dodgers' group swim:

Gathering around a Diamondbacks logo and dumping beer on it ... that would be disrespectful.

Running through the Arizona clubhouse with champagne bottles held aloft ... that would be disrespectful.

If a visiting team posed next to the Johnny Bench statue at Great American Ballpark and gave him rabbit ears ... that would be disrespectful.

Making a trip up to Vin Scully’s booth and covering the walls with graffiti ... that would be disrespectful.

Grabbing the drum in Cleveland and punching a hole in it ... that would be disrespectful.

Denting the cowbells at the Trop ... that would be disrespectful.

But jumping into a pool, in the midst of an otherwise empty ballpark? Isn’t that what pools are for?

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