Rep. Becerra: Resistance to immigration reform is about change

becerra-lamag-grab.jpgLos Angeles Magazine continues its series of "Big Shots" interviews by Giselle Fernandez with Rep. Xavier Becerra, who says the lack of immigration reform in Congress is frustrating but is not due to racism. It's about change: "Everybody feels more comfortable with what they know, what you grew up with. Immigration has taken America around the corner. And a lot of folks aren’t ready to turn the corner."

Another tidbit from the interview, which runs about eight minutes:

Fernandez: As a Latino do you feel an extra burden or responsibility to voice our concerns there, and get them to understand what our experience has been?

Becerra: I say it as an American. And I say it as the son of an immigrant who couldn't walk into a restaurant when he was a young man because of the sign that said no dogs or Mexicans allowed. So i feel it. I carry my skin with me. But as an American, I want folks to understand that this isn;t an issue for me because of my skin. It's an issue for me because I'm an American. I need to see my country move forward.

Becerra also says, "I'm an introvert at heart. I was fortunate to get elected...."

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