Most common languages by state (excluding English and Spanish)


You may have seen the online map that recently went a bit viral showing the languages other than English most often spoken by residents of every state. Kind of interesting use of Census Bureau data — except now remove Spanish too. California suddenly groups with Nevada and Hawaii as the only states where Tagalog is number one (well, number three.) Navajo of course wins Arizona and New Mexico — and in a related equally interesting map of just Native American languages, sweeps across the West, including California. The biggest thing I learned is that there is still a lot of German speaking in the interior of this country. And 11 states where French is number three, not including Florida (French Creole.) Also: Two hundred or so years after leaving the Pacific coast to Spain/Mexico and the Yankees, Russian is still the number three language in Oregon.

The map is from Slate's Ben Blatt:

Navajo is the most prevalent Native American language, with more than 170,000 speakers, while Dakota lags behind with just 18,000. According to the census, there are more speakers of Navajo in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona than there are speakers of other Native American languages in all other states combined.

On Blatt's map of the most common African languages spoken in American homes, Ethiopia's Amharic tops the list for California — and in only a handful of other states. In most U.S. states, it looks like the Kru, Ibo, Yoruba language group dominates.

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