Pelican frenzy at Marina del Rey before fish die-off (video)

pelicans-mdr-crop.jpgOn Saturday afternoon I came upon dozens of brown pelicans diving frantically into the shallow water on the edge of the Marina del Rey entrance channel, obviously enjoying some kind of unseen fish bonanza. Other sea birds I didn't recognize were joining in the feeding frenzy. There was so much activity the pelicans would emerge from underwater with a silvery fish in their mouths and have to fight off sea gulls trying to take the prize away. This went on for at least an hour in a couple of spots right along the Marina Peninsula side of the channel. Some sea lions or seals also cruised through the melee.

Hours later, boat keepers inside the marina discovered a large die-off of anchovies or similar fish in Basin A. So many dead fish floated to the surface that the state department of Fish and Wildlife was on hand today to begin cleaning up.

Here's my short cellphone video from Saturday, then a photo of the aftermath from today by LAWaterKeeper on Instagram.


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