Monday news and notes


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In the news

The Supreme Court struck down on a 5-4 vote a Los Angeles ordinance that permits the police to check guest registries at motels and hotels at any hour of the day or night. The ruling affirms a 9th Circuit Court decision to vacate the law, calling it an unreasonable search. LAT

The court also ruled that the Dept. of Agriculture can no longer takes raisins from a California grower. Reason

Politics and police

Photos of President Obama in Marc Maron's Highland Park garage (above) and the free podcast they recorded. Says Maron: "This is a big day for our country, for me and for my cats." Other installments of Maron's WTF podcast carry an "explicit" warning. This one is rated "clean" though Obama uses the n-word.

Los Angeles County's foster care system should promptly shut down its last-resort facility for older youth with nowhere else to go and make significant new investments in the facility for younger youth, a special committee appointed by the Board of Supervisors has concluded. LAT

Homeboy Industries said in a statement that it will cooperate with police who allege the non-profit was used as a base by suspected Mexican Mafia racketeers. LAT

As a gang rehabilitation center, we exist to support all those who want to turn away from criminal pasts and transform their lives. We understand that while we successfully help a majority of our clients, a small percentage attempt, but fail, to make that transformation.

When people relapse we are truly heartbroken, but we remain committed to creating healthier and safer communities through our work. We are also saddened by the allegations that inappropriate activities may have taken place in the safe haven we have created.

The roots of Justice Anthony Kennedy's belief in gay equal rights. NYT

The LA City Council can't seem to figure out its position on enforcement against homeless encampments spreading around the city. LAT

Where is L.A.'s urgency in the homelessness crisis? LAT editorial

Councilman Bernard Parks' suggestion of "SOLA" as a new hip name for South Los Angeles won't just be widely ignored, but in Spanish it translates to a woman who is alone. "It sounds like Parks was flying solo on this,” said Jaime Regalado, professor emeritus of political science at Cal State LA. LAT

Media and books

Apple buckles to public shaming by Taylor Swift and says it will pay royalties to artists for downloads during a 90-day trial period. NYT, THR

The memorial service for John Carroll, the former editor of the Los Angeles Times, was live-streamed on the web by WKYT in Lexington, Ky. WKYT

For two weeks until last Friday Reason magazine was under a U.S. District Court order to turn over anything it knew about six "hyperbolic commenters" on its website and was barred from reporting on the subpoena or even acknowledging its existence. The magazine challenged the order as prior restraint and won. Reason

Lester Holt is not the first black network news anchor. Max Robinson was a co-anchor on “ABC World News Tonight” in the 1980s. NYT

LA's Heather Havrilesky and Meghan Daum had book reviews on the cover of the New York Times Sunday book section. NYT

KPCC managing editor Kristen Muller tweeted a travel nightmare day trying to travel from Grand Junction to LA (I assume) via Allegiant Air.

Laura Myers, a former Associated Press reporter and editor who was the politics writer at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, died Friday at age 53 of colon cancer. AP

The ESPN Magazine Body Issue, out in early July, includes the naked bodies of Malibu icons Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece, the Clippers' DeAndre Jordan, former UCLA star Kevin Love, baseball star Bryce Harper and Ali Krieger of the U.S. women's world cup team. Among others. ESPN

KPCC for some reason has started a podcast on "True Detective" being set around LA for its new season. iTunes

“To Live and Dine in L.A.,” Josh Kun's book and accompanying exhibition based on Central Library's menu collection, in the New Yorker.

Pacific Standard has added to its masthead: Taylor Le joins as creative director and Ted Scheinman as senior editor.


Wells going dry is a big problem in the drought-stricken San Joaquin Valley. Fresno Bee

California's Task Force 2, based in Los Angeles County, is ready for disasters anywhere in the world. California Sunday Magazine, NPR

convention-center-designs.jpg14 New Views of the Big Redesign at the LA Convention Center. Curbed LA

The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center, Westchester's easily forgettable mall off the 405, is getting another big makeover. LAT, Curbed LA


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