Not a parody: Stories on Nikki Finke's politics

LOL. You're not the only one who never gave one thought to who ex-Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke might have voted for or who she might want to give money to in the 2016 presidential race. But now, to the question no one in politics or media has probably ever wondered, the New York Post's Page Six offered an answer this week. And in what may go down as one of the odder stories of the 2016 presidential cycle, Politico followed up with 780 words examining Finke's personal preferences from various angles — and letting her vent that Page Six got it wrong.

nikki-finke-2015.jpgFinke has always been good at getting the national media to be fascinated by her, but she suggests via email that this latest boomlet surprises her. "Why are these people writing about what I think? Mystifying…," she writes. Good question. Maybe it's all a set up for a new career turn — a trial balloon, in political parlance. Politico's CEO was recently interested in bringing Finke on to write about politics, but a New York Times story about Nikki's relaunch as a more healthy, less angry ex-journalist says she passed. As we posted last month, her thing now is a website of fiction writing about Hollywood. But we'll see.

For the record, Finke tells Dylan Byers of Politico that she voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary, Mitt Romney in 2012, and doesn't like Obama. This cycle she says she will give money to Hillary Clinton and a Republican yet to be decided. I've already seen social media snickering about her comment that none of her money will go to Carly Fiorina. "Carly messed up her corporation, I'm not going to make her president," Finke said. I'm sure the political world is relieved to hear that Nikki won't be making anyone president.

Finke does advise Republicans to raise more money in Hollywood. "They don't fundraise at all here, but they'd find much more support than they think," she said. "I know dozens of Hollywood Republicans and they would support these candidates."

Photo of Finke released by her last month, by Jen Rosenstein.

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